6 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Car Brake Pads/Brake Shoes

Car safety may be tied to a variety of factors, and owing to technological advancements, we now have safer and more effective vehicles. The brakes, though, are one of the most critical components among them all. The brakes are the first line of defense in giving the driver better control over the vehicle in an effort to stop a crash and securely bring the vehicle to a halt. Based on your driving abilities and a variety of other circumstances, brake pads can last somewhere between 50,000 to 145,000 kilometers. Brake pad upkeep costs around Rs 8000-Rs 16,000 per axle, so if you can extend the life of your brake pads and buy car brake shoes from boodmo.com, you may save tons of cash.

  1. Problem Is Speed

When it refers to deceleration, currently the leading cause of early brake pad deterioration is thorough and total pauses from ridiculous speeds. Arriving at a complete stop at a pace of 105 kph versus 85 kph enables the brakes to lose 33 percent more energy.

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Brake pads operate by converting energy into heat, which means that the more power they have to disperse, the faster they wear out. You can save a higher load of tear on your braking discs if you just slow down slightly. Greater speed leads to higher friction, which leads to more heating, which leads to more brake failure. This simply implies that you should drive cautiously and not at greater speeds than necessary. High-speed riding that isn’t essential is terrible for the brake pedal and ourselves.

  1. Your Pedals Should Never Be “Two-Footed”.

This is perhaps the most crucial Driver’s Ed course. It’s best not to “two-foot” your pedals. This is a dangerous practice if you touch your brake pedal with your left foot simultaneously maintaining your other foot on the accelerator pedal. It results in extra “brake tapping” that doesn’t really halt your automobile and cause sudden damage. You do not have to use your left foot to decelerate unless you’re racing in cross-country rallies or competing in the World Rally Series.

  1. Make use of engine braking

This is a great idea for any driver to employ not just to extend the life of their brake discs, but also to gain better control of their car by utilizing engine braking. The procedure is straightforward; all you should do is let off of the accelerator and clutch levers. Please remember that deceleration is affected by your speed, the incline of the ground, and the gear you’re in. If the pace does not decrease, you can shift to a lesser gear, which will solve the problem. Keep a safe gap between you and the items in front of you, as engine stopping will slow down your descent.

  1. Allow for enough stopping distance.

It’s critical to provide ample braking distance in front of your vehicle. When you don’t leave adequate stopping distance for both you and the entity in front of you, you’ll have to utilize more braking force and be more attentive because your reaction time is reduced, putting more strain on the brakes and yourself. On the other hand, if you give greater space ahead of you, you may apply little or no pressure to the brakes, which would bring the automobile to a complete stop without causing any damage. When the vehicles ahead of you are plainly not moving, there is no point in putting on the throttle and “rush to stop.”

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  1. Make Sure Your Vehicle Isn’t Overloaded

No, we really aren’t suggesting that you abandon your close family member since they are bigger than you, but take this into consideration. The far more momentum your car gains while traveling, the more effort your brakes must use to bring it to a halt. You’ll probably notice the stress a large load takes on the brakes immediately, as you’ll have to use more force to stop in almost the same amount of time. This isn’t limited to anything in your car, though. Not only can the load be applied to add weightage to your vehicle, but additional radio systems, side panels, alloys, and other modifications may also add weight.

  1. Brake pads should be examined.

Routine servicing, like every other aspect of the vehicle, is critical. You may hear squeaking or take longer to halt your automobile if your brakes are worn down. It’s critical to replace brakes before they degrade to the rotors, creating friction and perhaps more severe and costly damages. So, if you hear screeching noises, consider that the force on the brake lever has decreased, or notice a warning message on your speedometer, please get the disc brakes examined to guarantee your safety via improved stopping effectiveness.


Both brake pads and discs will someday need to be changed. This is just the way the world works – and you’re set to go along with the car brake shoes from Boodmo. Book an arrangement right now! You can get a lot more potential from your disc brakes if you implement these helpful guidelines for maintaining them in better form, which will assist you to save a huge amount of money.

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