7 Must-Have Fabrics For Festive Wear

Festivals, with all their rituals and get-togethers, bring about a charming breeze to the ambience. Their advent is marked by an influx of cheerful vibes all around, which, being enormously contagious, substantially elevate our moods. Moreover, getting all dolled up is an indispensable aspect of the onset of festivities.

Who does not want to spin heads and drop jaws with their scorching hot outfits? However, when it comes to dresses and garments, the kind of fabric they are forged with significantly impacts their overall appearance. Thus, choosing a fabric that does justice to the look of the costume becomes extremely essential.

7 Phenomenal Fabrics for Festive Wear

Since selecting a wearable wi7 Must-Have Fabrics For Festive Wearth an appealing fabric is essential to looking gorgeous during festivals, let us look at a few of the materials that work wonders for festive clothing when compared to other fabrics online:

  1. Velvet

Velvet, being a smooth and glossy fabric, was famed amongst the elite class in the past. Bestowing an aristocratic semblance, even in modern times, velvet is known for bringing about a royal demeanour to your appearance. Its fluffy texture is not only comfy, but it also looks amazingly princely.

Moreover, it proffers optimum warmth to your body, which means for festivals like Diwali, a garment made of velvet would prove to be a fantastical option.

Its visual allure appeals to the eyes, alluring many sights towards its sleeky shine. It may be used in sarees, sherwanis, kurtas, and lehengas, giving them a majestic hit. Thus, it is one of the most incredible fabrics online.

  1. Georgette

Named after a costume designer, the georgette fabric is a befitting choice for festivals amongst all fabrics online. Its lightweight disposition makes it amazing for ingraining it with heavy embroidery, which is indispensable when it comes to festivities. Being as feathery as a feather can work wonders, even for a casual festive look. Its versatility supports a multitude of clothing ranging from palazzos and sarees to Kurtis and Anarkalis.

The high absorbency of georgette helps it support a multitude of prints and colours. Also, it assists skin comfort by retaining adequate moisture, which makes it gentle on the skin. Thus, with a georgette fabric, you can rock events looking stunning while feeling incredibly comfy!

  1. Chiffon

Being featherweight, chiffon is a fabric that flows gracefully. This very quality makes the material amazing for dresses with ruffles. Its shimmery appearance, combined with its flowy make-up, makes it magnificent for evening gowns. Thereby, chiffon is the must-have fabric for festive occasions, amongst other fabrics online.

  1. Satin

The fabric satin has a weft-to-warp ratio of 4:1. The side with a greater weft contributes to a smoother end, rendering the other side matted and dull. Slippery to the touch, satin thus becomes a fabric with a marvellous glaze. Its elegant sheen makes it a wonderful pick for festivities. Causing an angelic drape, satin sarees just look enchanting. They are thus beautiful fabrics online.

  1. Organza

Being immensely thin and lightweight, organza is again a fabric that easily bears embroidery and embellishments. Its delicacy, flow, and sheen render the festive garments with a breathtaking gleam. Its featherweight quality also helps designers work with multiple layers. Through this very affair, organza fabricates spectacular gowns and blouses, which are prominent wearables in festivals.

  1. Akola

Manufactured in the Akola region of Rajasthan, Akola is primarily known as a soft and beautiful block printing fabric. Its exemplary design and structure produce stunning festive outfits. Also, it is incredibly comfortable, which makes it a much-sought option. Its softness makes it wonderful for evening gowns and festive fabrics online.

  1. Silk

Silk is the gold standard for festivals. It constitutes the most premium clothing items in comparison to other fabrics online. An embodiment of elegance, silk has always had a traditional significance. Offered to Lords in the Hindu traditions, silk has had a history of being worn in rituals.

Thus, cladding in silk would not only scream culture, but its rich and featherlike texture would ensure making a statement in festivals. Silk sarees, suits, and lehengas are the precise choice for online festive fabrics.

Over to You!

The above blog mentions the spot-on fabrics for festive seasons. Attiring ourselves in them would make sure to turn heads. Ranging from velvet to silk, these fabrics are central to vibing with style. They are some of the most spectacular festive fabrics online.