7 Ways to Increase The Followers Count On Instagram

Previously, Instagram was a platform for sharing only images, videos, and daily life moments. With modern techniques, this platform has developed so much. On Instagram, followers play a significant role in making your account valuable. Millions of people use this platform to be favoured by getting many followers. Anyone can also buy Instagram followers to start their journey by investing some money. But still, you need to focus on how you can get permanent followers on Instagram. To help you with that, today we will talk about 7 ways to increase the follower count on Instagram.

These ways are tested and very effective. Two things should be there while using these ways. The first one is strong dedication and the second is basic knowledge of the Instagram algorithm. Now, if you think you have these two elements, let’s start with the topic of increasing followers.

Top 7 Ways to Increase the Followers on Instagram

1. Focus on your Bio

Your Bio on Instagram should be very elaborate and unique. This detail will attract the attention of people. When you are creating your account, don’t just think that you can write anything on your bio. You have to explain your account briefly in this section, so people can follow you.

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2. Make Creative Captions

While posting content, you should focus on the quality of your captions. Never post only images or videos, because the caption is something that explains the creation of your mind. Your captions should be short, easy to understand, and exciting. So, if you want to increase your follower count on Instagram, you have to work on that.

3. Buy Instagram Followers

This tip is workable but only for a limited time. There are many best sites to buy Instagram followers with lots of offers. However, doing this is against Instagram rules and regulations so you have to also focus on that. This way is a shortcut to increase the follower count on the Instagram platform without any effort.

4. Use Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags are always essential when it comes to Instagram. Why is it so? Let us tell you about it. Hashtags on any post allow it to reach the maximum number of audiences worldwide. If your content is worth watching and has some exciting elements, people will surely follow you. You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags with your post but remember to use relevant and trendy ones.

5. Promote your Content Through Instagram Ads

This way to increase followers count on Instagram involve some investment. Running ads is completely different from going to the best sites to buy Instagram followers. The followers from ads will be permanent and it also adheres to the guidelines of this platform. You can go for paid ads for better results. Remember a few things while going for an Ad. Use videos or images with high-quality graphics and make your content easy to understand without any copy.

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6. Post Interesting Reels

Reels are an essential part of Instagram now. Most people use this platform to create reels only. So, you can take an idea from that, if you want to increase your followers count on Instagram, it can be possible by making reels. As there are a large number of traffic. You have to just focus on the content. Go for trendy music, use some effects or transitions and present your content with your style. Do not copy any video because the audience knows everything.

7. Collaborate with Popular Influencers

The last way to increase followers count on Instagram is doing collaborate with popular influencers or brands. To do this step, you need to connect with your audience first. Because this will give you an idea of which influencer your followers prefer to watch. Once done with this step, you can ask that particular influencer for collaboration. Doing this will help you to give your account a boost. It will bring new followers and views at the same time. You can do it most of the time when you think your account is not getting as many views as compared to before.


Instagram is an opportunity for those people, who didn’t have any platform to show their talent and creativity. Now, if this platform gives you this excellent chance, you should take advantage of it. We have guided you with the steps to increase your followers count on Instagram. This guide involves all steps from your creative content to go to the best sites to buy Instagram followers. Now, which one will be best for your account, only you can decide that. To pair up the algorithm with Instagram, you should understand the concept first. This thing will involve some research also.

You don’t need to be famous for using Instagram because it gives you the chance to be that. The only thing required here is to create engaging content with surprising elements.