All about game development and how to make a career in it

History of game development

Dating back to the early days of computing the history of game development is long. One of the first game development was “Pong” which was created by Atari in 1972. Since then, game development has become more sophisticated and complex.

What is the purpose of games?

Game serves many different meanings for different people. It is mainly based on individuals’ liking as well as individual perspectives about it. Some of the common purposes they fulfill are as follows. 

  • People play games to kill time

This is the most common purpose when an individual has nothing better to do. When you are alone it can be the best way to kill time sitting right at home.

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  • People play games for the challenge

People play games to forget their life problems and to challenge friends or maybe challenge themselves to competition. This scenario is very common. Candy Crush is one example.

  • It is noticed that many people ‘s brain stimulates learning through observation. They learn better by observing. They have a tendency toward visual or auditory-based learning styles. So, they like learning by playing games. For example, would be puzzle-solving-based games stimulate the brain.
  •  Sometimes people play games to stimulate reality with fantasy

This is a rare scenario in playing games. It is generally played in groups, sometimes individually as well. It is more difficult to achieve many things in reality than in games as it gives the visual stimulation of victory or failure. So, playing games can give people a feeling of sense of accomplishment. For example, Sims, Farmville, etc, are such games. 

Why do people develop games?

Game development has various perspectives depending on individuals. Some of the reasons are listed as follows.

  • Game Development is Fun & Artistic
    Game development such as game players finds development fun as they get to create a new world of their own, set their own rules, and then play. For a developer, programming a visual object is more fun than a just program that is text-based. It is artistic and creative as well. 
  • Practical application of Mathematics is done during game development.

While learning Mathematics equations such as Newton’s law, gravity, projectile motion, and many other equations we hardly actually understand the teacher due to which Mathematics becomes the subject of least interest. One out of fifty students actually understand the subject. Game development is about mainly Mathematics. The scary equations taught in our student life finally seem to have meaning. In daily life, we do not use those complex equations but during game development, all those weird equations seem like blessings to us, as they are essential to developing complex games. 

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What are the risks in this profession?

There is a lot of fun developing and playing games but game development as a career choice can be very risky. The company business model is very important and the risks depend on it. If a company goes for a product-based game venture it is a lot riskier as revenue depends entirely on how the game does in the market with all other competitors in mind. Revenue generation solely depends on the very dynamic market where there could be a variety of newly launched games.  Usually, a combination of product and service-based models is used by the company. Apart from the company being at risk of collapsing, game development takes a lot of time and is a risky career choice because the output in terms of revenue can be very low. Also, there are very few universities that would give game development certificates to students who want to study it as a career choice. So, if you choose game development as an option for your career you need to be prepared as you are on your own. 

What do you need to become a game developer?

To become a game developer, one needs to know coding and programming, 3d modeling, animation, quality assurance, marketing and distribution, and appreciation of game design. This does not mean you are a master of it all as you need to know how these fit together. Programming has to be your forte if you are a game developer. You must also keep in account the people you are reporting to and collaborating with when you are developing a game. They could either investors, superiors, or colleagues who would want to know the plan of action. For this reason, you also need to develop your soft skill.

Can game development be learned without coding?

Game development is a technical field and to develop a game coding is used. Saying so you do not need to be a coding expert but beginners level coding is good enough to get started.

What is the different game development software?

There is no best game development software as different tools and programs may be suited for different types of game development projects. Some popular examples are Unreal Engine, Unity, Construct 2, Game Maker Studio, and many others.

While choosing a game development program, it is important to keep in mind your budget, game type, project requirement, and more. You can also research online and check reviews of other game developers which will give you an insight. This would be wise as learning more will give you an insight into what will suit your quest the best. You can make exciting games for players all around the world with just the right software.

Game development course 

While researching for a game development course you should look out for the course curriculum, student resources and support, location, cost and budget, and more.

The most important consideration is the curriculum itself. It should cover topics like design theory, and principles, gaming platforms and technologies, game mechanics and dynamics, project management skills, and also how to make it a successful business as well. Many Game developer certifications are available online which you can choose from keeping in mind the above-mentioned lookouts. Another factor you should keep in mind while choosing a course is the qualification of the instructor and teaching staff. You look for instructors who are well experienced in the field.