Best Cyber Security institute in India [IIIT Bangalore]

All sectors are undergoing a digital transformation right now. There is a rise in cyber threats as technology progresses. A cyber security strategy was first put in place in India in 2013. However, it was not a complete cyber security system.

Last year’s WannaCrypt and Petya ransomware attacks wreaked havoc on Indian networks. Cyber-attacks and data breaches have recently become quite common. In 2011, India lost USD 8 billion to cybercrime. Following recent major cyber attacks on some of the most sensitive and valuable data, it is clear that India requires better cybersecurity systems and professionals.

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While all businesses now recognize the value of cybersecurity in protecting sensitive data in the digital world, it is critical in industries like banking and financial services, where data privacy is paramount. The need for cyber security experts, also known as “cyber warriors,” has skyrocketed in recent years. 

Cybersecurity experts are needed in every industry because the number of cyber-attacks outpaces the number of cyber-defenders. Cyber security certification in India helps those who want to pursue this professional path. This article will look at top institutes in India that offer Cyber Security courses.

For mid-level management professionals working in banking, cybersecurity, and finance, Simplilearn has partnered with the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore, and the National Payments Corporation of India to offer an Advanced Executive Program in Cybersecurity.

A masterclass by IIIT Bangalore faculty and experts from the National Payments Corporation of India will be held as part of this partnership (NPCI).

The advanced executive programme is based on a comprehensive curriculum developed by IIIT Bangalore and Simplilearn. Data integrity, disaster recovery, systems planning, and risk management are covered. Virtual classes and self-paced tutorials will be available.

Along with NPCI’s virtual internship and expert masterclasses, this 90+ hour programme will provide learners with extensive knowledge of cybersecurity concepts and enable them to advance their careers as Security Infrastructure Specialists, Consultant Network Security, Security Analysts, and Analyst Application Security.

A virtual internship with NPCI and 3-to 4 mentoring sessions by NPCI experts are also included. After completing the programme, learners will receive an IIIT Bangalore certificate and an internship completion letter from NPCI, Simplilearn, and IIIT Bangalore.

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Data integrity, disaster recovery, systems planning, and risk management are covered. Self-paced videos, live virtual classes led by industry experts, and masterclasses from IIIT Bangalore faculty and NPCI experts are available. A job assistance service from Simplilearn will help graduates find jobs such as security infrastructure specialists, network security consultants, security analysts and analyst application security.

  • UpGrad

The Advanced Certificate Programme in Cyber Security is an online degree IIT Bangalore offers. This online course is designed for professionals who want to specialize in data privacy, application security, cryptography, and network security without leaving their jobs.

Java, Python, Gift, Amazon Web Services, Burp Suite, and many more are covered in the “Advanced Certificate Programme Cyber Security” syllabus. This course is prestigious because IIIT Bangalore is a UGC-approved deemed university and one of the Top 70 Engineering Universities according to NIRF Rankings.

Experts in programming or non-programming can use the Advanced Certificate Programme in Cyber Security to gain practical knowledge and fast track their entry into various Cyber Security roles in top companies.

Candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognised university. The course is open to anyone with no prior work experience. After completing the programme, candidates will receive an “Advanced Certificate Programme in Cyber Security” from the prestigious IIIT Bangalore.

  • Talentedge

An online classroom known as Talentedge is here to provide you with this “AFCEH” education. An Ethical Hacking course gives you the skills, techniques and methodologies you need to practice Ethical Hacking right away. If you’re interested in a career in IT and Network Security, here are some things to consider. In that case, this course provides the fundamentals and ethics you need to succeed.

IIIT Bangalore has created the Certified Cyber Warrior course in conjunction with Talentedge to provide working professionals with the necessary capabilities to combat potential cybercrime damages. Learn how to prevent and identify cyberattacks with concrete tactics that you can immediately implement in this thorough online course in Cyber Security.

A premium regarded university focusing on research, entrepreneurship, and innovation, IIIT Bangalore, offers a Certificate of Completion. At the IIIT Bangalore Campus, a two-day Bootcamp on Cyber Threats and Cryptography is being offered.

All applicable Cyber Laws can be learned in depth by students. By taking advantage of live tutored classes rather than recorded ones, you may broaden your knowledge in high-demand areas like IoT device security, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency without leaving your current job. Learning from experts from both industry and academia is a great benefit of attending.

The course concludes with a ceremony on campus when students get their certificates. IIT Bangalore’s Certified Cyber Warrior course gives you the tools you’ll need to fight against a broad spectrum of cyber adversaries. You may establish a lucrative and future-focused career in Cyber Security by enrolling now!

Final thoughts

We’re all aware of the skyrocketing need for cyber security experts worldwide. Cybercrime cost India $8 billion in 2011, according to the statistics. As a result, internet penetration in the country has been lawfully transfused to connect ethical hacking and reduce the rate of cybercrime.

As demand increases, so does supply. In contrast, there are only 22,000 ethical hackers in the Indian market. According to the NASSCOM survey, India requires more than 4 lakh professionals in this sector of ethical hacking.

Despite India’s tremendous growth in the IT sector, its information security skills have long trailed behind. As e-commerce, e-banking and financial services, telecom, IT, and IT-enabled services develop, so does the need for ethical hackers.

Graduates and certificate holders who want to learn more about cybersecurity can now take an online course. These will provide learners with a better understanding of avoiding being a victim of cybercrime. You’ll learn how to apply the techniques you’ll learn in the programme to your work in industry and academia.


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