Can I Trade F&O on NSE?

Trading in F&O on the NSE app is buying and selling futures and options. F&O are two types of financial instruments that trade on the NSE. In the stock market, futures and options are contracts whose prices are based on underlying assets, such as stocks, share market indexes, commodities, ETFs, and more. The fundamentals of futures and options allow investors to lower their future risk by using predetermined pricing.


Futures are contracts to buy or sell a commodity, currency, index, or instrument at a predetermined price at a future date. Futures are a type of contract that is bought and sold on an exchange. The futures contract represents a specific quantity of the underlying asset at a specified price.

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Options are contracts that give the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy (or sell) an asset at a predetermined price within a specified time frame. Options are derivative contracts that give the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an asset at a given price (the strike price) by a certain time (expiration date).

The futures market is used by corporations who want to hedge their risk against changes in the prices of commodities like wheat, gold, and oil. The options market is used by corporations who want to hedge against changes in the prices of assets like stocks and bonds.


The National Stock Exchange of India Limited is an Indian stock exchange. It is the largest stock exchange in India by market capitalization and number of listings. NSE is the acronym for National Stock Exchange. It is India’s largest stock exchange, with a market capitalization of around $1 trillion. It has been the most popular destination for institutional and retail investors to trade in stocks, equity derivatives, currency derivatives, and commodity futures. 

  • It offers end-to-end trading services, which include clearing, depository, settlement, trading platform, and data services.
  • It offers a variety of trading options in stocks, commodities, and currency. The NSE also provides trading options in derivatives such as equity derivatives, interest rate derivatives, currency derivatives, and commodity derivatives.
  • The NSE App allows you to trade on the go with all the features that you would find on their website. It gives you access to live market data for stocks, indices, futures, and options, along with real-time prices for commodities like gold or silver.
  • You can also use it to place orders for stocks or futures or check your equity portfolio holdings from your phone.

Benefits Of Trading in futures and options

Trading in futures and options has various benefits. Contracts for futures and options (F&O) offer advantages for hedging, arbitrage, and leverage. Arbitrage refers to the practice of profiting from price variations between related or identical financial instruments and then hedging, which is the most typical application of derivatives trading. Futures and Options (F&O) contracts can be used to create a trading strategy where a loss on one investment is compensated by a gain on a similar derivative. Trading on the margin where you only pay a margin while trading in the derivatives market. This is due to the contracts’ actual worth being too high in thousands and crores. The proportion of the increase is enormously bigger when you are profitable, though. 

The Best NSE app for trading F&O

Kotak Securities’s KST app is the most popular stock market in India. It has a dedicated application for trading F&O that is best for traders who want to make quick trades. The app is available on both Android and iOS, and it offers a variety of features to make the trading process easy. The app has an amazing interface, which makes it easy for traders to use and provides them with all the relevant data. It also has an in-built chat feature that enables traders to communicate with each other about their trades. In addition, the NSE app comes with advanced order management options and many other features like stop loss orders, trailing stops, profit target orders, etc., that help traders manage their positions better.

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Why should you trade derivatives with Kotak Securities?

Futures and Options are among the most popular derivatives. Kotak Securities provides a platform where you can trade these derivatives online. Kotak Securities is India’s leading stockbroking company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Kotak Securities has an online trading platform that enables clients to trade in stocks, equity indices, currencies, commodities, and futures contracts from the comfort of their homes or office desks. In addition, Kotak’s NSE app offers a variety of trading options, such as Spot Trading, Intraday Trading, and Short-term Trading, through which you can trade in all kinds of derivatives like Futures and Options.