Can you have multiple trading accounts?

Have you ever wondered how many demat accounts can you have? Know everything about opening a demat account and how many of them can you open either from same bank or different banks. Read on to know details.

Can you have multiple trading accounts

You can own as many trading accounts as you like, with very few exceptions, and
you are not limited to a certain number of bank accounts in any financial
institution. Having multiple trading accounts opened can be beneficial for you.
Find out if you can have multiple trading accounts and how they can help.

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Can one have more than one trading account?

Strictly speaking, there is nothing to prevent someone from opening many trading
accounts. Thus, anyone can go to the bank to open a new account, even if they
have another one already open.

In the same bank

Opening a second chain in the same bank is not prohibited, but it can be viewed
with some suspicion by the institution. As the bank is not obliged to open the
current account, it may deny or accept the request at its discretion. It makes no
difference whether the accounts will be in the same branch or different branches.
If you need to open the second one due to work requirements, it is worth talking
to the manager to negotiate rates.

In Different Banks

For another account, if opening a trading account be done in another bank, there
are almost no restrictions. In this case, the interested party only needs to choose
the other institution and present the necessary documents to open a current
account. As they are different banks, it should be noted that administration fees
and other charges will add up, weighing more on your pocket. This factor must be
considered by the account holder, as the advantages may not offset the costs of
the two accounts.

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Are there benefits to having multiple trading accounts?

Double banking

Opening many trading accounts can mean double banking: two credit cards, two
pre-approved credit limits, two cheque books, etc. This may attract people who
want greater access to these services but also consider the doubled costs and the
greater risk of indebtedness.

Organization of money

Another possible advantage of having two accounts is the organization of money.
If you receive income from different sources, it may be better managed in different trading accounts. Let’s say, for example, that you have a monthly salary, but you also receive payment for renting some properties. It might be worth
having an account for salary administration and another for supplementary
income in this situation.

Another possible advantage is that of leaving a large part of your financial
resources in an account that you do not use cards for, in case of an eventuality
such as a robbery or kidnapping, criminals would only have access to the account
with few resources, increasing the security of your heritage.

In general, we can say that opening a trading account can bring more benefits,
as long as the holder can properly account for all the fees involved and maintain
reasonable financial control over these accounts. This diversification can bring
more headaches than advantages for those who do not have their accounts up to

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How to manage multiple accounts?

If you have good reasons for having more than one trading account, it is worth
taking some care when managing them. When the reason for opening is work, a
trading account may be the best option. Another valuable tip is negotiating fees
when the accounts are in the same bank. In that case, explain your motivations to
the account manager and ask for a reduction or even a waiver of fees.

Manage your funds better with multiple trading accounts

Let’s say you act as an employee for more than one group, company, or
organization. You can significantly simplify the management of funds with a
designated bank account for each organization you are involved with, especially if
you set them up with online banking and have 24/7 access to them. This way, you
can also track your compensation from different sources in an organized ways.


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