How Can You Benefit When You Buy Gold Online?

There have been talks going across fintech platforms to launch initiatives that will allow Indian housewives to grow their savings without taking risks with the help of “buy gold online” schemes. Such platforms will be able to assist users in strategically planning their future jewellery purchases. This will help Indian housewives pursue their entrepreneurial and financial freedom dreams.  Let us now understand more how these schemes by the top jewellers will assist housewives to buy gold online. Here is more about some top jewellers that are offering such schemes.

Top Jewellers offering gold schemes

Here are some of the jeweller options:


The Fine Diamond Jewellery Destination will envelop you in a world of exquisite beauty while displaying jewellery with the buy gold online option that resonates with Indian tradition and draws inspiration from a long Belgian tradition. Each and every ORRA store in India exudes elegance and flair, with interiors that are a tribute to extraordinary finesse, diverse tastes, and sophisticated sensibilities. ORRA upholds the strictest standards for quality and authenticity. With low pricing to match, ORRA’s jewellery, with the option to buy gold online option, is infused with vitality, artistry, and modern elegance in line with the times. Apart from that, when you buy jewellery, you get a unique selection that can be found nowhere else. Its jewellery is for eclectic tastes and sophisticated sensibilities.


How often have you wished your priceless jewellery was fashionable enough to have a home in your wardrobe rather than your locker? Be as vivacious as your varying sense of style and as cutting-edge as your stilettos! Jewellery that is reasonable enough to experiment with rather than just being an investment for the future. These trends are then interpreted by the jewellers at Melorra, which is sold through buy gold online categorisation, using materials like gold, diamonds, and gemstones. Thus, their patterns are a reflection of what you have in your closet! While you will not find a large choker here with historical inspiration, you will surely find a stylish bracelet to go with your LBD! Melorra creates beautiful gold jewellery that is wearable every day and is influenced by international runway trends.

Lagu Bandhu: 

“Lagu Bandhu” is a name that is distinguished by wide variety, outstanding quality, and optimum dependability. It has over 83 years of rich, unmatched traditional experience designing gold studded jewellery. Unlike branded jewellery, which only comes in mass-produced styles, buy gold online schemes offer exclusive custom-made Lagu Bandhu’s jewellery to fit your unique needs. Jewels that are BIS Hallmark approved are offered at PLUS with customised features and in-house designers to assist customers in creating their own jewels.

Shobha Shringar:

The best handcrafted, uniquely designed gold jewellery store in Mumbai to buy gold online is Shobha Shringar Jewellers, which you may access through the PLUS programme. At the awards, premium gold jewellery houses with exceptional design ability present their best work. In addition to that, a broad group of judges with a keen eye for magnificence and originality determine the award hierarchy.

There are many other jeweller options available on such platforms, and you may browse them online.

Privileges you get when you buy gold online

Some benefits of buying gold online are:

1. IRR Fixed 10%

Spend a week or a year saving. Receive guaranteed returns from RBI-approved P2P partners.

2. Special Deals

Select from the range of 250+ selected jewellers and their purchase-related quick discounts.

3. Remove at any moment

Your finances are yours. You can withdraw money from your bank account whenever you want because it is flexibly saved.

Why choose PLUS?

A unique savings app-based platform has also raised an undisclosed sum of money with the help of JITO Angel Network (JAN), which was supported by a number of notable investors. In their initial phases, Plus was supported by many investors in their goal of creating India’s first jewellery savings app. It is a novel concept that is sure to be popular with Indians who often invest their extra cash in jewels.

PLUS aims to assist Indian housewives in saving money more wisely. Moreover, by providing them with various fintech services, they have an objective to help Indian housewives become more financially included. Additionally, it makes it simple for you to pre-plan your jewellery purchases and benefit from savings right at your fingertips. You receive a 10% internal rate of return on your investments when they are backed by a P2P asset that the RBI has approved. On each piece of jewellery you buy, you can save up to 20%. Terms and Conditions are based on the amount and length of time you save and the jeweller from the platform you wish to purchase from. Browse through all jewellers on Plus and start saving now.