India’s coffee export has been steadily increasing in recent years, and the country is expected to continue to be a major player in the global coffee market. You can export coffee from India and earn a lot of money by selling it to other countries at a higher rate. Indian coffee is known for its quality and flavour, making it a hot favourite among consumers across the globe. The best part about this coffee export from india business is that you don’t need a lot of initial investment to start it. 

Step-by-step procedures on how to start a coffee export business in India? 

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  1. You have to decide first on what types of coffee you want to export.  
  2. After that, you need to source quality coffee from reliable suppliers.  
  3. Stay updated with the latest market trends and check the international price of coffee daily.  
  4. After that, you need to process the coffee into green coffee or roasted coffee.  
  5. In the next step, you must obtain the required license to export coffee from the concerned government bodies.  
  6. After that, you need to find the right market to export your coffee. 
  7. Finally, you need to maintain records of all your company’s activities. 

How to register as an exporter if you need to export coffee from India? 

The exporter can register online with the Coffee Board of India. The process of registering as a member online is very simple and easy.  

  1. You need to visit their official website which is  
  2. Once you are on the website, click on the link that says ‘Online Registration cum Membership Certificate.  
  3. Next, fill up the required details in the form and submit it.  
  4. You will get an update from the Coffee board after submission of your membership certificate in your given mail id. The mail will denote that your application is accepted. 
  5. Now, wait for your RCMC to arrive at your address for a few days.  
  6. Once you receive your RCMC, you have successfully registered as a member of the Coffee Board of India. 

What documents to provide? 

  1. You must have a valid GST number to be able to export coffee. 
  2. All coffee exporters and coffee importers must obtain a Coffee Export/Import Code (IEC) from the Board. 
  3. Authorized signatories are required to safeguard the interests of the coffee exporter and its customers by ensuring the accuracy and legitimacy of transactions. An authorized signatory is a person or company with the authority to sign documents on behalf of another company. 
  4. A valid PAN is also required for coffee export from India. 
  5. To export coffee from India to other countries, exporters must get a license from India’s Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI). The FSSAI license for coffee export is issued only to those exporters who have proper licenses to handle coffee imported from other countries. 
  6. You may need a bank performance letter to confirm that the bank has met all regulatory requirements and has taken steps to prevent money laundering. 
  7. The government needs to know who are the authorized people to run the business. This is what the Incorporation certificate does. It authenticates the exporter named on it as the person responsible for business transactions. 
  8. Due to the nature of this industry and the global economy, all countries require the import of coffee to be documented. An export permit is needed to export coffee from any country, and this permit must be obtained before the export of coffee takes place. 
  9. The countries that produce coffee require their exporters to obtain a Certificate of Origin to certify that the coffee they are exporting was grown in that country and was not imported from another country. 

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Role of coffee board of India 

  1. The Coffee Board of India is responsible for the overall coordination, supervision, and strategic direction of coffee cultivation and marketing activities.
  2. The board also acts as a nodal agency for developing and coordinating coffee research activities toward enhancing the productivity, quality, and sustainability of coffee in the country. 
  3. It is also responsible for setting coffee prices at the Coffee auctions in India. 
  4. It also assists coffee growers by giving advice to the government on coffee policy, arranging training and extension services to coffee growers, maintaining the Coffee Index, conducting research on coffee, and promoting coffee consumption in the country. 
  5. The Board is responsible for developing coffee growing as an economic activity and for promoting the welfare of coffee growers in the country. 

How is Amazon Global Selling helping Indian exporters with their coffee exporting businesses? 

Amazon has been at the forefront of the e-commerce space in India. Its efforts to make importing and selling on the Amazon global selling platform easier for Indian merchants have been commendable. Amazon Global Selling is helping Indian coffee exporters to reach out to the international markets and sell their coffee products. Amazon is a one-stop shop for its customers from across the globe. It offers millions of products to its customers worldwide in 200+ countries. These coffee products are sourced from countries like India, which have a huge potential for coffee exports. Amazon’s sellers can access its customer base, which is spread across the globe. 

How with Amazon Global Selling you can register your business? 

  1. Once you have decided to go ahead with Amazon Global Selling, you need to register your business with Amazon. 
  2. You will have to meet all the requirements to get an IEC certificate before you start the coffee export business. 
  3. You also need to provide identity proof (Aadhar card, passport, driving license, etc.) 
  4. You have to provide Company’s Incorporation certificate for establishing the business. 
  5. Amazon requires a certain level of due diligence and compliance with international laws and regulations for its sellers. If you are selling internationally, you must have the right international credit card to export your coffee products. 

Summary: Amazon Global Selling is a marketplace for global sellers to sell goods internationally. So coffee exports and selling are no exception. Amazon charges a commission for every unit sold on If you’re selling on , you need to comply with Indian laws and regulations. You also need to comply with Amazon’s rules and regulations for coffee export from india. Amazon has a Seller Code of Conduct that you need to follow.