How does the PNR Number Help Rail Travellers throughout the Journey?

Indian Railways is one of the most preferred modes of transport in India. Daily, millions of people travel by it for certain reasons. People need to reserve their tickets for travelling, especially for the longest train route.   

PNR or Passenger Name Record is the most important thing; Indian Railways assigns rail passengers while booking the train ticket. It is a unique 10-digit number that states passenger seat number, journey date, train source, destination station, train boarding and deboarding time, etc. Travellers need to check PNR status to know whether their train ticket is confirmed or in RAC or waiting. 

The PNR number gets mentioned in the e-tickets at the upper middle position and the i-ticket’s upper left side. It holds numerous information that helps the rail passengers throughout the journey. Here are some key reasons that make PNR the most important thing for rail journeys:

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#PNR Status Decides Passengers Journey Status

Generally, tickets stay in three statuses- CNF, WL, and RAC. CNF means confirmed train ticket status, WL is the wait-listed ticket, and RAC symbolises tickets of Reservation Against Cancellation. Passengers with RAC and CNF status can travel by train. However, passengers with an e-ticket wait-listed status (train tickets booked online) are not allowed to travel by train. If a traveller does this and gets caught, the person might have to pay a heavy fine to the ticket collector and sometimes even go to jail. 

#With the 10-digit Number Indian Railways System Recognises the Individual 

Ticket PNR number only allows the vast Indian railway network to differentiate one individual from other Indian Railway passengers. The database of Passenger name records holds travellers’ names, age, sex, journey date, berth type, class, boarding and deboarding station, etc. This PNR number helps the railway system assign each individual a different seat on a particular train. The process aids the railway system, processes all the procedures of allotting seats or berths in the railways hassle-free, and ensures each passenger’s comfortable journey. 

#PNR tells Journey Details

Apart from ticket confirmation status, the PNR number holds numerous information, including journey details such as passenger’s journey date, seat/berth number, coach number, boarding station name, scheduled time on which the train will reach the station, deboarding time, station name, travel time, etc. The details about the train help the passenger plan their journey accordingly. 

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#Order Food with Your Ticket PNR

With the Internet revolution, getting hot, delicious, and hygienic food on train becomes easy. You can comfortably order food on the train using your PNR number. E-catering apps like RailRestro cater for varieties of food in front of rail passengers directly to the berth. To order the food, you need to visit the RailRestro food delivery app or website, enter your PNR number, choose your favourite food & desired station on which you need to get your food, and place the order. A delivery person from the e-catering service provider comes to you to serve your food. 

#Rail Passenger can File a complaint using PNR

You can file a complaint using your PNR number if any mishaps occur on a train and station. To file the complaint, you can either visit the Railway protection force, visit the Rail Madad website, dial the railway emergency number 182, or call Railway Enquiry number 139. The Railways may ask you for your PNR number to register your complaint. Nevertheless, you can also file the complaint manually. 

#Traveller can get Wake-Up Call or Destination Alert on Train 

Do you know that using your ticket’s 10-digit number, you can take Indian Railways’ most important service for your overnight train journey? Indian Railways allows rail passengers to set wake-up calls or destination alert services on trains. You can call on 139, follow Interactive Voice Response instructions, enter your PNR, and set the wake-up call. The service helps the passengers sleep well during the night train without worrying about missing their destination.

#With a PNR number, You can Take Retiring Room Services

Indian Railways provide retiring rooms (hotel-like accommodation) for rail passengers at a very reasonable price. You can book these retiring rooms for a maximum of 48 hours. These railway services you can take if you are required to take a journey break and need some rest after boarding or deboarding the train. With a PNR Number, you can book a retiring room for yourself and your group hourly by visiting the IRCTC official website. 

This way, PNR is not just a unique number allotted to your ticket. It is a way to ensure your comfortable journey by giving details about the journey, allowing you to file a complaint of any mishaps, order food on the train, and book a retiring room to escape your tiredness. Nevertheless, you need to have a confirmed or RAC PNR status to access all the benefits of PNR. 

How to Check PNR Status Online?  

You can check the PNR status with the various rail apps and websites. RailMitra is one of the rail enquiry apps that helps the passenger to check a train ticket’s PNR status. The app tells the confirmation, wait-listing, and RAC status of train tickets with the prediction of the chances of ticket confirmation. To check the PNR status of your train ticket:

  • Install the RailMitra app on your android phone or visit its official website.
  • Navigate the option of ‘Check PNR Status’. 
  • Enter your 10-digit PNR number in the given box. 
  • Click on the ‘Check PNR Status’ button.

The details related to your PNR number will appear on your device screen. Congrats! If it has confirmed status. However, if it is in RAC, don’t worry much; you can travel by train with a split seat. If your ticket is in waiting, the RailMitra app will accurately predict your ticket confirmation based on the vast IRCTC ticket booking status database. 

Apart from the ticket’s PNR status, with the RailMitra app, you can check the train schedule, live running status, seat availability, train fare, live station train arrival and departure, station details, etc. RailMitra’s features also allow the passengers to order food on the train. 

RailMitra is an all-in-one app that ensures rail passengers’ hassle-free train journey planning and execution.