How to balance personal and work lives in virtual offices?

A virtual office is a virtual workspace where you don’t have to commute daily. Nor do you have to be physically present on the office premises. You can perform your official duties right from the comfort of your home. As an employee, the best thing about the virtual office is that you don’t have to get dressed, face the traffic and sit at your desk all day. 

But, this leisure is also your biggest challenge in a virtual office. Many people confuse their work and personal life when working from home. They either tend to overwork themselves or get lazy and show poor results. So, how can we handle this problem while working remotely? Is there a solution to this problem? 

We will learn about ways you can keep on your toes and balance your personal and virtual work life. But before that, let us have an overview of the benefits of using the virtual office. 

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Benefits of the virtual office:

  • The virtual office upgrades your home office/business to the league of enterprises. The first step it takes is to give your business a legit and official business address. This address is of a renowned business location and can be used as your mailing address. When you use your home address as your official business address; you are putting your privacy at risk and you are losing your customer’s loyalty.
  • The next benefit you get from the virtual office is the office facilities. Not just the fixtures and equipment, you also get services like mail handling and call forwarding. Setting up these professionally handled services at home is near to impossible and extremely expensive. The virtual office lets you cut overhead costs without compromising on the quality of the services. You get a fully functional and equipped office with professional administration staff for a very cheap subscription price.
  • Another thing the virtual office gives is exposure. It puts your business out there in the world, with big names. You can expand your business to other areas and regions because the virtual office makes it simple and easy for you. You can open new branches by using a virtual office service. It not only opens new markets for you but also gives you access to the talent pool of other regions. You can hire experts from different regions where labor cost is cheaper. Consider it a bonus!
  • Contrary to popular belief, the virtual office enhances your productivity. It allows your employees and yourself to work according to your body clock. You don’t have to commute to the office daily or have to handle the stress of being in the office physically. This flexibility and comfortable work environment is the reason for increased productivity. The flexibility of the virtual office is not just limited to that. You can easily start the service by subscribing online whenever you need to. Similarly, ending the service is simple as well. You don’t need to give prior notice before stopping the service. There is no cancellation fee either. Using the platform is very easy, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use the virtual workspace environment.

Ways to balance your virtual office work and personal life:

As discussed in the beginning, the biggest challenge you face in a virtual office environment is how to separate your work life from your personal life. Mixing the two is quite natural. When you are sitting in your home office and your kids are running around talking to you, you can get easily distracted. You can also pull an all-nighter just to meet a deadline, disturbing your health and family life. But with the right measures, you can easily balance both lives with harmony.

Set up a separate space for work:

Set a separate area in your house for your office work. Setting boundaries for both lives is very important to maintain a balance. If you have an extra room then nothing like it but if you cannot spare a room, make sure you assign an isolated corner or area in your house to set up your home office or workspace. You can use your basement or attic for this purpose as well. If all of this is not possible, then at least put your desk in the corner of your living room. 

The reason to do that is; when you move to a separate space to work, you can concentrate better. You won’t be disturbed or distracted. It would also look more professional when you are doing video conferencing. 

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Make a routine and schedule:

Making a routine is important for everything you do in your life, including remote working. Setting a timetable for work hours is a must. This will help you to begin and wrap up your office work so that you have time for family life as well. Make sure to make this routine as close to the office routine you had in the physical office. Make sure you stick to your routine like glue. Don’t stay working later than the set time nor start early. If you work the decided hours, you will never miss your deadlines.

Similarly, schedule your reports and meetings too. You can use Google Calendar, Google Keep, Microsoft To-do, nTask, etc. to set reminders for meetings and make to-do lists. If you are old school like me, use planners over your desk to organize your work life.

Focus on one thing at a time:

When you are working only think about work and when you are with your family only focus on them, leave the multitasking to the computers. Otherwise, you will only waste time and effort without getting any results. If you are thinking about your problems, your work will suffer. And if you are thinking about work in your family time, your family will complain. It is only wise to pay attention to what is currently at hand.

Take breaks and look after your health:

Nothing in this world is worth your health. When we realize this, we are usually losing it. Be wise and understand that only a healthy body and mind can be productive. If you love your work and your family, you should love yourself first. Only then you can be useful to them. So eat healthily and look after yourself. 

Also, while working take frequent breaks. Just get up and move around for better circulation of blood in the arms and legs. Doctors also advise office workers to get up from their computers every few hours and take a break for 10-15 minutes. It is good for your eyes, back, shoulders, and mind.