How to Become a Responsible Elder Sibling?

Being an elder Sister can be fun and challenging at times. One common thing among families, especially parents, is their expectations from the more aged child. They believe that the elder child should become a role model in the lives of their younger siblings. It can put a lot of pressure and responsibilities on the shoulder of the elder one. 

Connecting with a sibling can be challenging at times. It happens due to the diverse nature of the siblings. Some younger siblings are annoying, which makes their elder ones frustrated when they try to build a reliable connection with them. 

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Nevertheless, with patience and a little bit of expert help, one can solve every problem. 

Here, in this article today, we will mention some of the tips from our side which will help the elder siblings behave responsibly with their younger ones. 


Being a good role model

The younger sibling needs to show some respect towards their elder ones. Therefore, it becomes essential for the older siblings to establish themselves well at education and behavior. Today, in these modern worlds, LMS portals are being used to deliver quality education to every child. Elder siblings should become friendlier with the younger ones and make them understand about software like LMS,ERP and other benefits of online learning, which will make an impression on them as guides or guardians on younger ones. 

Also, in behavioral terms, elder siblings must remain calm, respectful, and kind towards others, followed by the younger ones. The elder sibling requires themselves to obey their parents first. The younger ones also understand the importance of good behavior and how to be more respectful and obedient towards elders. 

Accept your mistakes 

It is not always easy to make the younger ones understand what is wrong and right, but sometimes even elders make mistakes, which is when they should apologize. Everyone messes up here or there, so don’t lose hope in becoming responsible; always accept your mistakes and apologize for them in time.

Avoid Risky behavior 

We are not perfect, so we should make others understand that copying every second habit of another individual is not okay. For example, avoid smoking if you do in front of your younger one. Although, we would like to suggest you quit it as it is not suitable for your health and can be dangerous when you do it in front of your younger sibling. 

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Love your sibling for what they are, and do always ask for adult help

Not everybody is perfect. You might be thinking, why are we even saying it? 

Let us make things clear for you here. For instance, there are cases where the younger sibling is going through some problem or is not as brilliant or fun-loving at nature as the elder one is. In children especially, a feeling of not accepting anything which embarrasses you is there. But, this doesn’t seem right. An elder sibling must love and respect their younger one and accept the same with their abilities and disabilities. 

Also, we would like to suggest that the elder siblings never hesitate when they cannot handle anything independently and probably should ask any adult for help. The elder sibling doesn’t feel shy about asking out for any help. They can immediately ask their adult if they feel any danger to a sibling or family member. Such as, You can always go to your teacher or any other guardian if your younger one tells you that they are being bullied, abused, or going into depression. The younger ones might feel bad that you reveal their secret to their parents, but they will realize how important it is once they grow up.