How to Check If a Car Air Conditioning Compressor is Bad

In a car, an ac compressor is one of the most vital components and works to keep the refrigerant running and pressurized. So, if there is any problem with it then the overall cooling and other functions of the car ac system will not work properly. Like all other parts of your car, the air conditioning system also needs services and maintenance in a timely manner. You can also look and buy an AC compressor from if you need to change the air conditioning compressor of your car. Besides, it’s very important to check if a car air conditioning compressor is bad. So, you will find all the essential details regarding a car ac compressor in the post below.

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# What is an Air Conditioning compressor and how does it work?

An Air Conditioning compressor is a pump that produces heat by putting the AC refrigerant under very high pressure. It is considered a heart of an AC system because it rise the pressure on a fluid and carries the fluid through a pipe. So, it is always good to buy a high-quality AC compressor from boodmo that works perfectly without any hassles.

An AC compressor works by compressing the refrigerant from a gaseous state to a liquid state. Then send it to the condenser that turns as a heat-exchanger. It removes the heat from the refrigerant and the refrigerant goes to the orifice tube, where it returns to its gaseous form. Moreover, moisture is removed from the refrigerant by an accumulator and is transferred to the evaporator under the dash of a car. There the cold refrigerant cools the air that passes along the evaporator and looks like a small radiator. Finally, the cool dry air comes into the car’s interior through a fan.

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# List of various signs or symptoms of a bad car AC compressor:

Some signs that indicate a bad car AC compressor are as follows:

  1.   Strange or odd sounds

When you flip on your car’s AC then you may hear some odd or strange sounds and it’s likely the compressor. The compressor uses a sealed bearing to turn. So, when the interior components like bearings break then these sorts of sounds may come. Thus, you can turn your ac off for know if the sounds stop and after that back on again to know if it resumes. Therefore, if that happens then it is a sign that there is a problem with an AC compressor.

  1.   Temperature is higher in the cabin than normal

One more sign of a bad ac compressor is that you may find the temperature is higher in the cabin as compared to the normal. A failed or a damaged compressor will be unable to regulate the refrigerant flow in the AC system in a proper manner. Hence, you may notice that the temperature inside the car has increased and the airflow is hot from the AC. So, these signs indicate the compressor is failing and you can also check for a new AC compressor from boodmo as per the needs.

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  1.   Circuit Breaker Tripping

Sometimes you may see that the external condensing unit keeps losing power and tripping the circuit. This is a sign of a bad ac compressor as it gets overheated and draws too much power.

  1.   Moisture Leaks

There are internal bearings in the car that prevent the refrigerant from leaking out of the compressor. As the refrigerant help the Air Conditioning unit to turn the hot air into the cold air and in case it runs to of this chemical then it will give hot air. Damaged bearings leak the refrigerant and it increases your energy consumption and has various harmful health concerns as well.  

  1.   Stuck Clutchdoes 

The AC compressor has a clutch similar to the manual transmission. This clutch connects the engine of your car for drawing power from it. The clutch keeps the compressor activated and in case it breaks then the compressor will not get the engine power anymore. So, most of the time replacing a clutch is not done and if it seizes up then there is a need to replace the compression and you can look for a wide range of AC compressors from boodmo.

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# Final Words :

Car care is very important and air conditioning is also a vital part of it. And when the AC compressor of a car fails to work well then it damages your health, especially during the summers. So, whenever you identify signs or indications of your car’s ac compressor failing, as mentioned above in the post, then it is best to go for a replacement. Hence, you can buy a 100% authentic AC compressor from boodmo at very reasonable price. 

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