How To Send Crypto To Someone Else? Step By Step Guide For Beginners


If you are used to sending cryptos to someone like your family and friends and paying for goods, why do you want to try crypto? Since crypto is digital cash and virtual currency, sending crypto is as easy as sending mail. One more good thing is that they are not bound to anything like euros and dollars, so you can send crypto to your family abroad and others, and it is extremely easy and it is way more secure.Crypto currency exchange also plays a vital role in this regard, thus always join an authentic platform like KuCoin to keep your investments safe and get maximum possible profit.

How Does a Crypto Wallet Work?

In the simplest sense, a “wallet” is a software program that you may use to demonstrate that you’re the owner of a specific crypto wallet or address.

A wallet can be used to store cryptocurrencies securely or to approve cryptocurrencies for contractors or business partners.

A wallet can also be utilized to maintain and verify personal online profiles because each cryptocurrency account is distinct. For example, you can sign into an online networking or instant messaging system using your wallet address rather than your email address.

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What do you need to send cryptos?

You also need the patient’s wallet address to send cryptocurrency. Similar to a bank account number, a wallet address is a lengthy sequence of numbers that specifies where the cryptocurrency should be sent.

Due to the length of the crypto wallet address, they are sometimes displayed as a QR code that you may scan with your cryptocurrency app.

Wallet address,

Once you have the wallet address, you need to open your cryptocurrency wallet, enter the address, choose how much cryptocurrency to send, and you’re done.

Unique address.

Make sure you transfer Bitcoin to a Bitcoin wallet and Ether to an Ethereum address because every type of cryptocurrency has a unique address.

Recipient’s account

The cryptocurrency will appear in the recipient’s account after processing and confirming your transaction.

How to Pick the Perfect Wallet

There are a huge variety of cryptocurrency wallets available. So it can be daunting to try to decide which is best. But by getting some important information, you can focus your search swiftly.

Here are some queries to think about.

Does the wallet accept the coins you have? Every cryptocurrency only lives on a specific network; in most cases, it cannot be kept in a wallet from another system. For example, a Cardano token like Sundae cannot be kept in an Ethereum wallet. Therefore, compatibility with your existing coin collection should be your top priority when choosing a wallet.

Wallet storage for long term

Like Trezor model T, you may go with this ultra-secure wallet and hardware if you are willing to store a maximum amount of crypto in your wallet.

Budget for wallet

Mobile and pc wallets are free, but $50 costs a hardware wallet.

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Will you usually use this wallet?

The opposite of processing or storage is this. Select a desktop or mobile wallet if you anticipate making many transactions with this wallet.

Do you hold cryptocurrency on many networks?

A multi-chain wallet  can be your best option if you own cryptocurrency on several networks. However, multi-chain wallets frequently only include tokens for some networks. Therefore, rather than relying on a single number of co-wallets, you may utilize a few distinct wallets if you only use a few networks.

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Send crypto using KuCoin.

If you use KuCoin, you may send cryptocurrency instantaneously and for free to any email account in more than 100 countries. Launch the Coinbase app, choose the cryptocurrency and the desired amount, enter the receiver’s email address, and click “Send.”


Sending cryptocurrency is simple and economical whether your money travels across the room or worldwide.KuCoin seeks to advance good practices and open doors for eligible initiatives to promote majority opinion. KuCoin is dedicated to spreading awareness of blockchain technology and exceptional initiatives worldwide and advancing our ecosystem’s steady and sustainable growth.