Instagram Insights in 2022 explained. 

Instagram started as a photo-sharing app which has now turned out to become a place for everything and everyone you can share photos and stories, text your friends and family, open up businesses, watch short-form content and watch long-form content it’s ideal for everything. 

Instagram alone in the Play store has more than a billion downloads, and according to Forbes, Instagram ranks number 1 in the most downloaded apps in 2022. 

The new Instagram algorithm

Instagram launched reels in 2020, and since then, the app has completely changed for good or bad it depends from person to person. But from 2020, since the launch of reels, Instagram has been favouring short-form content, which is reels. 

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The new algorithm pushes reels to the consumers, increasing the creator’s reach compared to a post or an IGTV video, forcing the creator to stick to reels.

Consistency has also been a major part of the new algorithm the more content you post, which are reels, the higher the chances of you getting good reach and followers.

Instagram has recently announced that it won’t entertain content taken from other platforms and repurposed on reels. Earlier, many people used to take content from Tik Tok or other short-form video creation platforms and upload it on reels, but in the latest update, Instagram limits the reach of such content.

What are Instagram insights?

Instagram insight is a place for creators and businesses to review or analyse their Instagram profile growth. Instagram insights provide these creators with numerous tools to gather necessary information from their posts, stories, reels, videos and live videos.

Instagram has made the work of businesses and creators very easy by creating insight they now don’t have to just rely on feedback from their followers or customers. Now with the help of data that is being provided by Instagram insights, they can easily come up with a conclusion about whether the content is reaching the right people or whether the content is bringing in conversion.

Insight on Instagram Insights:

When you first go to the Instagram insights landing screen, you see something like this:

Insights Overview:

Inside content you shared, you have posts, stories,Instagram reels and IGTV it shows you all the content you have made in the past 2 years and their metrics, such as:

  • Likes and comments.
  • Reach the number of people who have viewed your content.
  • People who started following you after the content.
  • People who saved your post.
  • People who started visiting your profile after the content. 
  • The people who replied to you after seeing your story.
  • The number of people who swiped up after watching one of your stories.
  • Impressions on your content.
  • Clicks on your website.
  • The number of people who have shared your content.

Accounts Reached:

When you click on accounts reached, you get to see reached audience, which is divided into four main things:

  • Top cities
  • Top countries 
  • Top age ranges
  • Gender

Accounts reached are nothing but impressions which means the total number of people who have seen your content. These metrics help you to identify from which country or city people have watched your from and their ages for you to make content according to your audience.

Followers and Non-Followers

This metric shows your follower’s and non-followers data who are viewing your content.

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Accounts Engaged:

When you click on accounts engaged, you get to see audience engagement which is divided into four main things:

  • Top cities
  • Top countries 
  • Top age ranges
  • Gender

This is similar to accounts reached, but the difference is that this number of people have engaged in your content; engaging means either they have liked, followed, shared or saved your content. 

Total Followers:

So, when you click on total followers, you get an interface like this. In total followers, you get all the details of the people who follow you on Instagram, like:

  • Top cities
  • Top countries 
  • Top age ranges
  • Gender
  • Most active time

These metrics can be taken into consideration while posting a new post.

For example, the most active time shows the data of the people who follow you and their most active time on Instagram. So, you can post your content while your followers are most active.


Instagram is now no longer a place for just viewing other people’s life or enjoying the content. It has now become a place wherein you can create your content and track your progress with the help of the tools that Instagram provides and become a creator. It’s also good for new-age startups to create a brand for themselves and get a rough idea of what the audience wants from them through insights and asking for genuine feedback from their potential customers.