Instagram Reel vs Instagram Story

Instagram provides some fantastic features for all its users to express themselves creatively. Instagram reels and Instagram stories are two of those excellent features. You should know the difference between these two features as a content creator. It will help you maximize your social media presence and garner more attention to your profile. So, gear up to see the comparison between the Instagram reel and Instagram story.

Instagram Reel or Instagram Story: Which One is Best?

Instagram is ever-evolving and growing in its features. Take a break from Instagram;  when you come back, you will find brand new features, a change of some tab positions, and a change of a few algorithms. I have discussed below a concise comparison between the Instagram reel and story features.

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels allow you to upload large videos for up to 15 minutes as reels. However, the more famous are short video content up to 90 seconds. Reels stay grounded on your profile’s feed and reels tab and are accessible to anyone. You can also add different effects, filters, GIFs, and music to make them look appealing. If you wish to Insta reel download for watching offline, we provide you the

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories lets you upload content or share reels from within the app that stay available for 24 hours. Your stories are only visible to your followers or the people who visit your profile. You are allowed to share videos up to 60 seconds long on your Instagram stories. IG lets you add music, filters, effects, and captions in catchy fonts to make them appealing to your audience. If you desire to download and view Insta stories in HD quality, you can use Instagram Story Downloader.

Key Differences

Whether it’s Instagram’s story or IG reels, if used strategically, both features can enhance your engagement and drive traffic toward your profile. Following are some key differences between Instagram stories and Instagram reels.


Instagram stories show your content in a slide format where a picture stays for 15 seconds and automatically moves to the next. On the other hand, reels are up to 90 seconds, and they play with a sequence from the beginning till the end.  


Reels serve a large audience, making people discover you as a creator and your other work. In contrast, stories have a limited audience consisting of a creator’s followers and friends.


Instagram reels help you attract more followers compared to IG posts or stories. They are an easy yet effective way to enhance viewer engagement. On the other hand, stories help you get chatty with your followers.

Audience Interaction    

People can like, comment, and share your reels on their stories or with their friends, which helps you get more reach. On the contrary, stories can get reactions from your followers or messages in your DMs.

Pro Tips

You should avail of both Instagram reel and Instagram story benefits. Both features play a significant role in boosting your audience engagement. Following are some pro tips for you to enhance your reach.

  • You should consistently upload reels aligned with your niche to enhance your reach and make your account visible to a new audience.
  • Using hashtags will make your reels appear in people’s Explore and Reel tabs. It will garner you more impressions.
  • You should add question stickers, quizzes, and polls to your stories more often to enhance audience engagement.
  • You can post your reels on your Instagram stories as well; it will make it easier for your followers to see that you have posted your new IG reels.  
  • Pay close attention to your Instagram analytics and reel insights. They will tell you whether reels are getting you more reach or your stories are getting you more audience engagement by attracting more DMs.

Final Thought  

Instagram is a big platform that allows you to show your talent and creativity. You can also boost your audience engagement via IG’s outstanding features. As stated earlier, you can download Instagram reels and stories as well with innovative remarkable tools like Instagram reel video downloader and story downloader. You can reach a wider audience via reels and get chatty with your existing followers via IG stories. These features of IG will help you stand out in the online crowd.