Luxury on a Budget: Affordable Second-Hand Luxury Car Options

We have all heard of luxury cars. But what is the difference between a luxury car and a regular car? Like, does the term luxury car’ come with a specialty, or is it just a description of its price tag? Let’s find out.

Luxury cars are premium cars. They provide much better performance than regular cars. They also have many features that you will not find in an ordinary car. Some examples include Ford, BMW, and Mercedes.

2 Major Differences between Luxury Cars and Regular Cars

Here are three distinctions between the two categories:

  1. Features

You will get premium benefits such as heated seats, leather cushioning, sound systems, interior lighting, LED lighting, and so on in luxury cars. Regular standard cars do not come with these features, but they can be installed. But the amount you might spend on installing them is almost the same as purchasing a luxury car.

  1. Safety

If you need clarification about whether all the premium features are enough or not, then the safety cues will surely clear them. The first one is the blind spot cue. Luxury cars provide a visual as well as an audible alert to blind spots. The next one is the rear cross-traffic alert. It often happens that your car is in reverse, so you might miss the vehicle trying to cross you.

To avoid such a confrontation, luxury cars provide this feature to warn the car behind you. The best and most lifesaving feature of all is the collision warning system. This has a camera to detect the speed of cars and an automatic break. It works as a lifesaver because it helps prevent dramatic accidents.

  1. Price

Luxury cars are definitely on the pricier side. And why wouldn’t they be? They come with premium benefits that can even save your life. Yes, you can install a leather seat in your standard car, but you cannot install the safety cues. And, in hindsight, given the modifications needed for a regular car, the price difference is not that much.

Should You Buy Second Hand Luxury Cars?

Let us analyze the pros and cons of investing in second hand luxury cars.


The significant advantage of buying second hand luxury cars is their price. It will fit right into your budget, no matter what. Let’s take an example. The on-road price of a BMW is about Rs. 45 lakh. But if you buy a three- to five-year-old BMW, it will only cost you 15 to 16 lakhs. And guess what? This is similar to the price of an on-road Honda City. How convenient it is to get a luxury car for the price of a standard car!

Not to mention, you will also get high-end and high-quality benefits. Whether it’s the build, the style, or the finish, you don’t have to compromise on anything. Apart from that, you also get a better driving experience with a powerful engine.

If you are wondering if a three to five-year-old luxury car might have deteriorated parts, then you are at the right place. Let me tell you, it does not. This is another benefit of its premium quality product build.


While you will get quality products, they are still prone to some form of impairment. This happens with all cars as they get older. But the inevitable maintenance or the cost of spare parts might be a bit on the expensive side.

The older the model gets, the cheaper the price. But with old models come older parts. So, you might not get the unmediated benefit of the features of a luxury car. This is, however, only a significant consideration if you are someone who wants the direct utility of the features.

If the first owner of the car lacks the seemliness to maintain the car, you might face a loss. It is not that difficult to keep a luxury car. This is because a luxury car maintains itself. But still, any car needs servicing, testing, changing of motor oil, and so on. So, the lack of tending to the car by the first car or by you may cause some problems down the road.


In this blog, we have tried to give you everything you need to know about second hand luxury cars. What features they have, how they differ from ordinary cars, and whether you should purchase second hand luxury cars or not.

We hope we were of some help to you. Thank you for your time!