Say Goodbye to Home Maintenance Hassles: How Home Service Apps are Making Life Easier

Most people may find difficulties doing their household deeds, especially while working in a 9 to 6 job profile. For that reason, they mostly want to hire a home cleaner, but don’t have any idea where to hire one. That’s why they love to use home service apps that not merely help to hire the home cleaner, in fact, they can hire the Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, tutor, etc with the help of these apps. And most home services providers have started to invest in app development companies as they can help them to get engagement with more customers. If you also have a team of home service providers and want to take your business online then having the home service app is surely a worthy step you can ever have. But to get the feature-rich home service app it is recommended to connect with a reliable mobile app development company that has delivered robust mobile apps and also helped to boost the overall level of convenience.

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Cleaning the house may look like a difficult task for those who follow a hectic schedule, in which they have to go to the office either on day-shift or night shift; they rarely find the time to clean their home. And for that reason, they may have to stay in an unhygienic environment. And being working people they may face some stress from work, if they come back home and find the cluttered space filled with dust, they will most likely get even more stressed. 

Though they can do cleaning on weekends in practice it is quite hard to do after a week of hard work. And usually, people love to go somewhere out with their family so that they freshen up their minds. And if they are seeking hygienic space then it is crucial to do the cleaning on a daily basis. For that reason, it is worth hiring home service providers, and hiring them using the home service app is surely a recommended step.

In this blog, we will discuss the concept of a home services app. Firstly, we’ll cover the concept of what a home services app refers to. Then we will share the list of top-rated home services apps.

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What home services app refers to?

Home service apps refer to those which assist you in availing of a particular home service whenever you need it. Though their name is home service that doesn’t mean it will help you with cleaning purposes only, in fact, they can help out you in multiple categories such as fixing issues with home electrical appliances such as Air Conditioner, geysers, RO, washing machines, or refrigerators, hiring tutor, laundry or plumbing, etc. 

The development team who built such a mobile app for the first time named it a home services application, as these apps mainly contribute to making the lives of the residents more convenient. These mobile applications do not merely make the user’s lives a tad bit easier, in fact, they can be equally beneficial for home service providers.

So if you’ve just entered the home-services business and are willing to expand your business by getting more engagement with the want-to-be customers and popularity. Then there’s only one solution, connecting the mobile app development company to make sure that you have a business application that will assist individuals with their daily lives.

Pros of using the home-services App 

Home-services apps are equally beneficial for both business owners and users. Here we will talk about each segment and will discuss the advantages of each separately to provide you with a clear understanding.

Advantages that the Users Adore

  • Convenient

These apps’ main goal is to make the lives of working individuals simple and convenient. And it is actually doing great in achieving its goal, as it helped so many individuals to carry on with their daily routines. To get the services, users need to book an appointment with the service provider, and the rest is the home services provider’s job, their entire house will be left spik & span at the assigned time. Via these apps, users can also schedule a repair job with the service provider. 

  • Cost-effective

The time you hire a maid manually, then their charges could be quite higher. On the other hand, if you hire a maid from a home services app, then users will get an offer or discount, which will reduce the overall cost to hire them for house cleaning.

For any individual, prices are often the most crucial factor especially while booking any home service. On-demand home service apps will surely help you to reduce the chances of hiring a maid, tutor, or electrician for your home service. 

  • Safe Modes of Payment

Mobile app developers have added multiple payment modes to these apps. All you need to choose your preferred payment method and get their services while paying safely.

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List of top-rated home services app

UrbanClap -home service and repairs

Urban has knowledgeable and experienced teams that are capable of solving issues with home electrical appliances such as – Air conditioners, washing machines, geysers, RO, or refrigerators of any brand on the spot. Additionally, the vetted pros also provide pest control as well as deep cleaning services which include carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, & chimney cleaning services at the doorstep.

Urban Clap’s home service app is well-known for connecting customers to service professionals to fulfill their daily needs. Via this home services app, you can hire Yoga instructors, plumbers, massage therapists, cosmetic artists, electricians, & more.


HouserJoy was launched in 2015. And since it was launched the number of users is growing day by day. The reason behind this is their investor list is big brands such as Amazon, Vertex Ventures, and Matrix Partners.

The financial chart is growing on the HouseJoy app. Both HouseJoy & UrbanClap have been the fastest-growing home services companies and the top players when it comes to offering home services.

HouseJoy also offers perks to its employees & customers such as free insurance & free re-work which have created a loyal customer base for them. You can hire experts for home cleaning, carpentry, plumbing, pest control, painting, and fixing your appliances & electrical elements.


Relaying to Zimmber is actually good, especially if you need a helping hand in your home. The Zimmber company was recently acquired by Quikr for $10 million in 2017. 

Through this app, you can hire professional home service providers, especially for plumbing, professional cleaning, pest control, carpentry, carpet & sofa cleaning, laundry, home spa, electrical repairs, and more. 


UrbanPro is specially built for students who are looking for tutors, trainers, and institutes. The company was founded in 2012 and has up to 6.5 lacks tutors and institutions associated with its platform. Up to 25 lakh students and a million visitors per month can connect with educators & get coaching on popular exams such as bank clerical posts, CA, MBA entrance, TOEFL, GMAT, medical entrance, Staff Selection Commission, IELTS GRE, UPSC, and more.

Here, IT courses are also provided such as Python PHP, C++, Java, and Data Science. There are over a hundred categories of courses & coaching programs that you can choose from. You can hire a dance teacher, or music & singing tutor, to learn drawing, yoga, photography, makeup, and other hobbies. 


This application is built on flutter & will be utilized for a bunch of services at your doorstep that too by following a few steps. The home services application is very useful for home-based multiple online services businesses. This User Interface kit aids in building an amazing home service solution with special features that allows your valuable customer to book services in a short time period. Via this app, your valuable customers can easily get online services such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc. All they need to do is follow a few steps and confirm the appointment and pay online. This app also has some basic points such as registering, logging in, viewing order status, order history, managing the account, etc.


Being a well-known flutter app development company, Ionicfirebase has delivered so many home services apps and to deliver more successful apps, Ionicfirebase has a dedicated development team that is desperate to work on new projects. So, if you are running a home service business or want to start that business and are willing to have a home service app then feel free to hire flutter developer from Ionicfirebase and ensure to get the successful and feature-rich mobile app at a reasonable rate.