Top Countries to Study Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering is a popular engineering program, which generally lasts for 4 years at the bachelor’s level and 1 to 2 years for the master’s degree. Candidates pursuing this course generally for the betterment of the surroundings, or environment. Individuals engaged in this sector also develop some modern techniques for enhancing the way people use renewable and non-renewable sources, that are available in nature.

The environmental engineering course curriculum is primarily very structured and it provides knowledge about various engineering principles as well as an applied science which comes in the regard of environmental studies, that results in better land reformations, initiates healthy water for mankind and other living organisms.

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To secure a vast knowledge about this environment and understand its science, you must pursue this degree from a proper educational institute. Though many take a diploma or a certificate learning from some course selling platforms, pursuing it in the online mode is always better. 

It would be best if you’re planning to take your education from any foreign university, as those are a bit ahead in terms of providing education, facilities, and many more. There are some unique names that come among the top in this regard. Check out which are the top 5 countries to study environmental engineering in the sections below.


Denmark is a place, which not only brings innovation in its works but is also environmentally aware, which makes the country arguably the best in providing environmental education. In addition to that, one can find a peaceful environment and also obtain certain health benefits while acquiring a Danish life, the environment is so fresh here. Moreover, students finishing their environmental engineering degree here with good grades, also derive amazing career benefits in the future. Denmark Technical University is considered one of the best universities in this country to study the subject.


Next on this list, comes the name of Sweden. You can find compelling opportunities in this country in the environmental engineering field to which you simply can’t say no, and this mere fact is enough to make the place one of the best in this business. If you aren’t studying online via any platform to sell courses online.

Pursuing your environmental engineering degree from this country is absolutely a smart decision, and in addition to that, the nation will also offer you incredible site scenes and sustainable living. For these reasons, thousands of international students come to take their engineering degrees here. Stockholm University is considered one of the best educational institutes in Sweden to pursue environmental engineering.

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Norway is advanced in several industries related to environmental engineering, making the country one of the best places to study the subject. The nation leads in sectors like telecommunications, fossil fuels, renewable energy, and many more, which makes it a popular destination among candidates to pursue the course. In addition to that, it also delivers high-quality learning techniques and also offers several campus facilities, making the institutes well-organized. Among various universities and colleges present in the country, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology is considered the best, and also has international success.


Spain is indeed one of the obvious names on this list of top countries to study environmental engineering, as it is considered the third-best in delivering international students. Not only that, but the faculties of environmental engineering in this country are also world-class, and the nation produces several individuals who have marked their names in the engineering industry either on the national or international level. 

In addition to that, the cheaper costs of living here also make it more popular among candidates. The University of Barcelona comes among the best universities to offer this program, having an international reputation as well.

South Africa

The final name in this list of the top 5 countries to study environmental engineering in South Africa. One can find some of the most prestigious universities all over the world in this country, that does the best while providing education in engineering. The environmental field is also not an exception in this case. It encourages students to have an excellent professional career, by administering them the necessary skills they need to gain, during their learning. The University of Cape Town UCT is considered the best university in the country offering environmental engineering.