Top graphic design trends you need to know about

As the world consumes more and more visual content, deploying best-in-class graphic design becomes essential for every business. Over time, different design trends come into the market that drives engagement and change the way businesses communicate with their audiences. 

This makes it very important to keep an eye out for what is trending in the design and the 2D animation services market and then shape your communication strategy accordingly.

Top Graphic Design Trends Of The Future

Let us explore some top graphic design services trends of the future that you need to know about:

2D – 3D Mashup

3D has taken the world by storm. Hyperrealistic 3D visuals have been blurring the lines between digital and physical. One of the top graphic design trends of the future will be a mashup of 2D animation services and 3D animation services, bringing the best of both worlds together to offer the audiences a never-before experience. The trend is gradually gaining popularity across mediums – from illustrations to animations, from web design to typography. The most prominent application of the 2D – 3D mashup is app design.

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Twisted Typography

The future is about breaking norms and doing something different to stand out in the crowd. The twisted typography trend has caught on like fire with design services. The twisted typography trend gives graphic designers the freedom to play around with imagery and text – make one letter of a word bigger or smaller than the rest, turn it upside down, or insert an image into one of the letters. This trend is commonly used in design services to emphasise or convey a specific message. Currently, the trend is making waves in static digital graphics, logos, signature graphics, titles, etc. You can use these in your personalized stationery for your business. 

Glass and Crystal Finish Graphics

Earlier, the gold finish trend was huge. Almost all graphics had a golden touch added to them somewhere to keep up with the trend that spread like wildfire. That trend is now old news, and the new thing in the market is glass and crystal finish. The glass and crystal finish works for both 2D animation services & 3D animation services, adding a touch of realism and a glamorous shine to all the graphics. If you aim to add a chic, elegant touch to your graphic designs, ask your design services to consider adding a glass finish or a crystal finish to the design, such as holographic finishes, frosted glass backdrops, etc.

Bring Back the Candy

Remember those 70s when the vintage candy colors were all the rage? The trend has come back now and is all the rage once again. The color palette a brand and a designer uses makes a huge difference in how visually the content turns out to be and how the customers engage with it and perceive it. In a world full of colors everywhere you look, the choice of colors is critical. The candy colors make your content attractive without getting too loud and gaudy. Candy colors are slightly louder than the subtle pastels that are still ruling the roost and can help design services create bold, striking, engaging visuals for the brands.

The Comeback of the Riso Prints

Many decades ago, riso prints were trendy. Risographs were initially intended for office and administrative usage, but they quickly became a happening design services trend. Riso prints are now used for everything – from making abstract artwork to posters, even digital and print advertisements. Add 2D animation services to the mix, and you have some outstanding futuristic artwork at hand.

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Re-emergence of Art Deco

Remember those old times when art deco was the go-to design option with its vivid colors, psychedelic designs, and sleek geometric patterns? Then modern, contemporary styles took over, but the classic charm of art deco remained. As with many yesteryear trends, the art deco trend of design services is now back with a bang. Graphic design increasingly plays with symmetry, geometry, and aesthetics to create art deco designs across platforms and even with animations. To give you a little perspective, imagine a Great Gatsby touch on all your creatives and artworks to give you a little perspective.

Paper Cutouts

At some point in our lives, we have either given or received a greeting card with a paper cutout design on the inside, so when the card was opened, the design would stand up. Well, the greeting cards have all disappeared, but the design trend is here again, not just in the print medium but also in digital artworks. This trend works out beautifully for 2D animation services and 3D animation. Paper cutout graphic designs are quite trending for business cards, pamphlets, package designs, social media artworks, books, animations, etc.

To keep engaging with the target audience, businesses everywhere must embrace these top design services trends. Keeping up with the changing times and the latest trends helps a brand stay competitive and relevant in the fast-paced times. These top design services would help you catch your audience’s attention and drive engagement when executed perfectly.


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