VinPit: Free Ford VIN Decoder & Lookup

Are you considering buying a second-hand Ford vehicle? As this brand is the love of your life, and you have been setting aside a hefty amount of money every month to buy one, you need to conduct a Ford VIN lookup from VinPit initially before grabbing that enticing deal. 

So, what is the best Ford VIN decoder in the market? VinPit is the leading ford VIN decoder lookup platform, and it’s free to search here. Ford, like the majority of manufacturers, gives each of their vehicles a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for easy recognition. 

A VIN check will yield enough details on the car to help with the purchase. With VinPit’s VIN checkup, you will be sure about obtaining a top-notch bargain for your dollar by verifying its history. 

Part 1: What a Ford VIN Can Do? 

The Ford VIN is a special 17-digit code used to identify vehicles. You may use it to distinguish any Ford SUV or sedan. It can provide every Ford automobile customer with a plethora of useful data by design, including precise characteristics and the vehicle’s background. 

Furthermore, you may get a huge amount of details about a car by conducting a VIN search, particularly for Ford automobiles. Important information about the car is represented by this number, including the manufacturer, the year it was made, the facility’s site, the type of engine, the frame number, the model, and more. 

For instance, if someone wants to purchase a truck, they may verify the vehicle’s VIN number in the internet database to ensure it hasn’t been destroyed, hijacked, or unlawfully changed. The VIN number has a certain format that is accepted all around the world.

Performing a VIN check up on VinPit is usual when purchasing a used car. The VIN number, which is inextricably linked to a vehicle, unlike the license plate number, cannot be lawfully modified or substituted.

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Being a one-stop destination for thorough auto inspections, VinPit Ford VIN Decoder may help you get these details:

  • Identify hidden damages
  • Check the car’s ownership
  • View the recorded images
  • The correctness of the mileage

Part 2: How to Decode a Ford VIN?

View the 17-digit string’s deciphering in detail by looking at the VIN decoding flowchart below.

Each letter or group of characters in a Ford VIN corresponds to a particular piece of vehicle data, such as Ford’s model and model year of the car, its manufacturer, the location of its manufacturing, and more. 

The model year 1981 marked the introduction of the ISO-standardized VIN. The characters O, I, and Q resemble the numbers 0, 1, and 9, and are not included in the VIN. This is how you can decode your Ford VIN:

  • The first VIN character demonstrates the geographical location of the Ford.
  • The second symbol contains a letter showcasing the Ford manufacturer. The Ford models usually have a “T” to point out their manufacturer as their 2nd important VIN character.
  • Deciphering the 3rd VIN digit lets you discover the type of Ford vehicle.
  • The 4th to 8th VIN numbers give you a plethora of mechanical information on your Ford vehicle. 
  • The 9th digit is known as the security code, demonstrating if the VIN is authorized.
  • The seven last characters inform you about Ford’s model year, manufacturing plant, and car serial number. 

VinPit’s free VIN Ford decoder quickly offers the aforementioned information about your Ford vehicle. 

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Part 3: How to Use the VIN to Look Up a Ford via VinPit? 

Before using a Ford VIN decoder, you must know where to locate the VIN. Manufacturers place the VIN in various occasionally-hidden locations to make it more difficult for anyone to conceal or alter it.

It’s suggested to look at the bottom dashboard as the first place to look for the VIN. The Ford vehicle’s other locations with stickers with the VIN number can also be checked. These consist of the following:

  • Underneath the driver’s seat.
  • The engine compartment is in the vicinity of the hood.
  • Door jamb on the vehicle’s front doors.
  • On the car registration documents.
  • On the insurance card.

It’s simple to verify the VIN on your Ford. Regardless of how many times you need, VinPit offers a free Ford VIN search. The steps shown below to look up your Ford VIN number:

  • Visit the VinPit site
  • Provide the VIN number on the search bar.
  • The “Start Search” option should be clicked.
  • A VIN statement for the car is created after a short while.
  • On the monitor, you may locate every piece of information about the car.

Utilize this free VIN check service provided by VinPit, and you’ll never commit a mistake.

Part 4: Why Must you go for a Ford VIN Lookup? 

Before you specifically look for used Fords, you need to become familiar with using the Ford VIN number decoder since it can:

Look up auto components

When looking to purchase corresponding components from Ford online retailers, a Ford VIN decoder, such as VinPit, may provide you with information about the technical parameters of the vehicle and assist you in locating the proper component.

Check for active recalls

A total of 36,000 Ford cars are reportedly being returned due to faulty Takata airbags. You might need VinPit, a free Ford VIN check service, to discover if the vehicle has any unresolved security warnings.

If there is a recall history, you may not wish to purchase one, but if you currently own one, contact your nearby Ford dealer to make a repair session.


Purchasing a Ford vehicle is a wise decision. You are “purchasing American” and supporting American companies as a result. However, it would be best if you did not let someone take advantage of your devotion to USA-made goods by trying to sell you a subpar Ford. Utilize VinPit’s Ford VIN decoder to remain ahead by obtaining trustworthy car details.

Get a thorough car record for your Ford right away with VinPit. You may then decide whether to purchase a Ford with complete knowledge of all relevant information. Lastly, you should view VinPit’s Ford resources to learn more about them if you’re a customer or an owner. 

Visit the VinPit Ford VIN Check page or conduct a license plate number check to learn more amusing things about Ford and Ford cars, and download a free Ford vehicle information report.