What Is CAN Number?

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In the realm of computer networks, efficient and reliable communication is paramount. To facilitate seamless data transmission and ensure proper routing, a unique identifier known as a CAN number is used. CAN, which stands for Controller Area Network, is a standardized protocol used primarily in automotive and industrial applications. In this blog, we will delve into the concept of a CAN number, its purpose, and its signifiCANce in enabling efficient communication within networked systems.

What Is CAN Number?

A CAN number, or more precisely, a CAN identifier, is a unique identifier assigned to messages transmitted over a Controller Area Network. The CAN identifier serves as a label or address that allows nodes within the network to distinguish and prioritize messages. It is a crucial component of the CAN protocol, which enables communication among various devices or nodes in real-time applications.

Purpose And SignifiCANce

  1. Message Identification: The CAN identifier plays a vital role in message identification within a network. Each message transmitted over the network is assigned a unique CAN identifier, allowing receiving nodes to identify and process the message accordingly. This ensures that data is routed to the correct destination, avoiding confusion and facilitating efficient communication.
  2. Prioritization and Message Filtering: CAN identifiers allow for prioritization and filtering of messages within the network. By assigning specific ranges or values to different types of messages, nodes CAN prioritize critical data or filter out irrelevant information. This helps optimize bandwidth utilization and ensures that important messages receive immediate attention.
  3. Scalability and Flexibility: CAN identifiers contribute to the scalability and flexibility of the network. The CAN protocol supports a wide range of identifiers, allowing for the integration of numerous nodes and devices. The unique identifiers enable the expansion of networked systems, accommodating additional devices without sacrificing performance or reliability.
  4. Fault Detection and Error Handling: CAN identifiers also play a role in fault detection and error handling within the network. Through error detection mechanisms, nodes CAN identify inconsistencies or errors in message transmission. The CAN identifier helps pinpoint the source of the error, facilitating troubleshooting and maintenance activities.
  5. Network Segmentation: CAN identifiers enable network segmentation, where different parts of a network are separated for specific functionalities or applications. By assigning different ranges of CAN identifiers to each segment, nodes within the network CAN communicate within their respective segments, enhancing security, efficiency, and manageability.


CAN numbers, or CAN identifiers, are crucial elements within the Controller Area Network protocol, enabling efficient and reliable communication in networked systems. These unique identifiers facilitate message identification, prioritization, and filtering, contributing to optimized data transmission and improved network performance. CAN numbers also play a role in fault detection, error handling, and network segmentation, enhancing overall system reliability and flexibility. As technology continues to evolve, the use of CAN numbers remains an essential component in automotive, industrial, and other real-time applications, enabling seamless communication and efficient networking.


What Is The Purpose Of The CAN Number?

The Common Account Number (CAN) is a reference number issued to the mutual fund investors by MFU or the mutual funds’ utility platform. This platform is an essential tool for investors as it helps in facilitating and consolidating investor holdings across separate fund houses into a cohesive statement.

How Do You Generate A CAN Number?

Getting a CAN is very simple! All you need to do is submit a duly filled CAN Registration Form (CRF) along with supporting documents. This form CAN be submitted to any Point of Service (POS) of MFU; or to a distributor/RIA that is signed up with the MFU. You may submit the form even to a participating AMC branch.

What Is CAN Number In India?

A Common Account Number (CAN) is a single reference number issued to mutual fund investors by Mutual Fund Utilities (MFU) Platform. This platform is beneficial for investors as it helps in facilitating and consolidating the investments across different fund houses into a single statement.

How CAN I Get CAN Number In Tamilnadu?

Send a mail to [email protected] with the following details. District – Taluk – CAN number – Reason – Mobile number – AppliCANt name – Please attach your aadhar … I forgot my CAN number in Tamil Nadu eSevai website.


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