What Is Holding Current In SCR?

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Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCRs), fundamental components in electronics and power control systems, exhibit unique characteristics crucial to their operation. Among these traits, holding current stands as a defining parameter, playing a pivotal role in maintaining SCRs’ conduction state. Let’s delve into the significance and mechanics of holding current in SCRs.

What Is Holding Current In SCR?

SCRs, also known as thyristors, are semiconductor devices employed in various applications for controlled rectification and switching of electrical power. Their ability to regulate high-power circuits makes them integral in industries such as electronics, power systems, and motor control.

Defining Holding Current

Holding current refers to the minimum current required to sustain an SCR in its conducting state after it has been triggered into conduction. Once the SCR is turned on by a gate trigger signal, it continues to conduct even after the gate current is removed, as long as the load current remains above the holding current threshold.

Significance In SCR Operation

  • Maintaining Conduction: Holding current ensures that the SCR remains in its conducting state after being triggered until the load current falls below the specified holding current value. This characteristic is vital for continuous conduction in power control applications.
  • Preventing False Turn-Off: Holding current helps prevent false turn-off of the SCR due to external disturbances or fluctuations in load current. It establishes a minimum threshold, ensuring stability in the conducting state.

Parameters And Application Considerations

  • Threshold Value: The holding current value varies among different types and ratings of SCRs. It is crucial to select an SCR with a holding current higher than the expected load current to ensure stable conduction.
  • Stability and Reliability: Proper consideration of holding current ensures the stability and reliability of the SCR in maintaining its conducting state under varying load conditions and external influences.

Importance In Power Control Systems

In power control systems, SCRs are utilized in applications such as motor speed control, lighting systems, heating elements, and power regulation. The proper specification and understanding of holding current ensure the consistent and controlled operation of these systems.


Holding current stands as a critical parameter in the stable operation of Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCRs). Its role in maintaining the conducting state after triggering is pivotal in various power control applications, ensuring stability, reliability, and controlled conduction within electrical circuits. Understanding and appropriately selecting SCRs with suitable holding current values are paramount in designing efficient and reliable power control systems across diverse industries.


What Do You Mean By Holding Current?

A holding current is the minimum amount of current required to keep an electromechanical relay or switch in its closed o. Loring Chien.

What Is Holding And Latching Current In SCR?

The latching is the minimum current required to keep the SCR turned on immediately after switching on and removing the gate signal. Th holding current is the minimum current required to keep the SCR on.

What Is Holding Current Value In SCR?

Holding current in thyristor or SCR can be defined as, the smallest amount of current under which anode current has to drop to enter OFF status. This means, if the holding current value is 5 mA, subsequently thyristor’s anodes current have to turn into less than 5 mA to discontinue performing.

What Is Holding Current In Motor?

The ‘holding current’ is the current that the driver is configured to supply when the motor is stationary.

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