Why do you want this job answer for fresher

As you know, most interviews boil down to 15 standard questions. Some of them a hiring manager may not ask at all. But when you apply for a job, the question “Why do you want to work for us?” is likely to come up at the interview. If you say what the recruiter wants to hear, you greatly increase your chances of getting the position you want.

Since the outcome of the conversation with the employer largely depends on your answer. If the answer is clear and reasoned – consider that one of the stages of the interview you passed with flying colors. 

On the contrary, a hesitant “M-m-m-m” or a terse answer in the vein of “And there were no other vacancies” reduces the chances of getting the job to the minimum mark.

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While the answer should be brief (by the way, all answers at an interview should be like that), you should put a substantial amount of useful information into it. You can easily do this if you consistently go through all the steps that will be described in this article. 

And in order to give the right, truthful and tactful answer, layboard.in suggests you prepare in advance.

Why does the recruiter ask this question? 

A hiring manager is looking for a qualified and motivated employee who will work better and longer than other candidates. His task is to find out what drives you in choosing a job, why you chose this particular company and not another.

  1. With this question he wants to find out what you know about the company where you came for the interview;
  2. Make sure that your interest in the potential job is not nil;
  3. To see if your beliefs fit with the values of the company and to find out how loyal you are to the company;
  4. Identify what attracted you to the position;
  5. Check if you understand what your responsibilities are and how exactly you will perform them.

This takes into account how quickly the response was given. In what manner the applicant spoke – unsure, hesitating or easily, clearly, enthusiastically.

It should be remembered that an HR manager can ask this question in different ways.

There are such twin questions:

What attracts you to our company?

What is it about this job that attracts you?

Why did you choose our company?

Why do you want to work in our company?

So keep this in mind, and be prepared that this question may be asked in different ways.

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How not to answer? 

There is no universal recipe on how to answer the question “Why do you want to work in our company?. To give an honest answer, you need to prepare for the interview as a whole, study the information about the potential job, and think about what you as a professional can give it. And be honest with yourself.

But there are a few phrases that are best avoided when answering:

1. Don’t be too direct.

“I want to come to you because I’m unemployed. I need a job. You offer a good salary. Also, your office is close to my house.”

2. Don’t give a general answer that doesn’t show your knowledge of the company and the position you want. 

“Your firm seems really cool, it would be great to get a job here.”

“Your company has a nice website, I really like the logo and the color scheme in which it is designed. Give me a chance to be part of your team.”

3. Don’t answer apathetically or irritably.

“I don’t know. I saw your job posting. I don’t think you would have advertised if you didn’t have jobs available. I’d try to work here. Can we get to the specifics?”

How should you talk? 

Mention why you are interested in the company

1. Before the interview, gather information about the company. Look at the employer’s website and read publications about the company. Ask around to see if any of your friends can introduce you to an employee of the company so you can learn more about it.

Example. Take a real job – a baker at a supermarket chain in any of the cities. We study the company’s website. We learn that “this supermarket” has its own production. The company uses original recipes from different cultures.

On the website of the supplier of bakery equipment we find a list of equipment with which the bakery in the supermarket is equipped (equipment from European manufacturers). We go to the nearest supermarket chain and study the assortment with a professional eye.

Already there is enough information in these 3 sources to give an informed answer.

“I would like to get a job at a large company that offers a wide range of baked goods – to make the most of my existing skills. I found information online that your bakeries have state-of-the-art equipment, which is a plus. My family has been buying your store’s own baked goods for a long time, so I’m very familiar with the products. As far as I can tell, for the preparation of some products original recipes are used, it appeals to me – the search for a “zest”, the desire to please the customer. This is fully consistent with my approach to work.

2. Correlate your capabilities with the requirements of the vacancy

Why do you want to work for the company? Because it’s a place where you can realize your potential.

Go back to the baker’s job example:

“The vacancy in your company attracted me because here I can use my skills in preparing both bakery and confectionery products. Both areas are interesting to me, I have experience in both and a desire to use and improve my skills.”

3. Show that you are consciously choosing your job and trying to develop professionally

“In my past position, a baker in a small private bakery, I worked off the skills I learned during college. Now there is a desire to understand how large-scale production works, where recipes may not be as varied, but a large turnover and maximum concentration is required. At the same time, your supermarkets have a wide selection of products, so there’s no chance of getting bored.

Talking about professional aspirations, it is not necessary to emphasize that your main task is to gain experience and grow professionally. Employers understand that a professional who has increased qualifications, training, may rush to find a more interesting and better-paid job. On the contrary, it is better to emphasize that you are interested in this particular employer and you intend to work with him long and fruitfully.

You can put it this way:

“Your company attracts me with the opportunity to work in one position for a long time. Stability is important to me. I like it when you get used to the manager, the team, the working conditions, and you can do the job well and feel confident.

Keep in mind that the examples of wording we have given are only examples. Each case will have a different set of arguments, depending on the company, position, experience and qualifications of the job seeker!

We advise you to answer the question “Why do you want to work for us? If the salary appeals to you, say so. There’s nothing wrong with that. But remember, your motivation must be accompanied by other impulses, such as a desire to develop, a desire to improve the product or service.

To ensure that no question at the interview stumped you, prepare yourself. We hope you find a  job in Qatar, Kuwait, the Arab Emirates or another country . Good luck!!