10 Instructions for your First Trip to France

Well, France is magical. It is known for gourmet cuisine, picturesque country-sides, haute couture and amazing landmarks. This is why it is one of the most visited places across the globe. While it is the size of Texas, it has something for every type of traveller. But before you book your tickets and accommodation, you should brush up your French.

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Here are a few things that you should before paying a visit to France:

  1.   French are not rude at all

There is a mindset that the French are really rude people and hate tourists. Well, not at all! I am happy to state that French are very kind. Even if you don’t speak French, beyond the basics, your smile will go a long way with the French.

  1.   English isn’t casually spoken here

Unlike the other travel spots in Europe, French do not speak in English too much. They are proud of their native language and prefer speaking French everywhere.

Actually it is understandable. It is similar to tourists visiting your nation and expecting you to speak their native tongue. So, before you visit France, make sure you are well-aware of the common French phrases.

  1.   Gain some knowledge about French food and wine

You should familiarize yourself with French food and wine culture before coming here. it will make you order food easily and you will have an idea of what you are eating.

Some dishes on the menu card do not literally translate and you may end up thinking what is mentioned on the menu.

In case you have any allergies, a little knowledge about French food will help you in a great way. Look out for what your allergies mean in French to avoid miscommunication at the food restaurant.

  1.   Go for the train

France is known for its amazing transportation system, majorly the trains. You can travel France by train and it will prove to be a mesmerizing experience for you. The trains are cost-effective and convenient to use. You can even explore small towns of France such as Bordeaux, Roussillon etc.

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  1.   France is big

When people talk about France, they just think of Paris. But the nation has a lot more to offer you beyond Paris. It is highly recommended that you visit the French countryside and explore Cote d’Azur and Provence areas. You will see a new side of French culture.

  1.   The French schedule

The French have a varied schedule than what you have in your country. For instance, in small towns, all stores, banks close for 2 hours for lunch.

In distant locations, the break can go on for 1PM to 4PM. So, plan your itinerary keeping their schedule in mind. And don’t visit any store or restaurant at the wrong hour.

  1.   Car rental

If you have found a budget-friendly room, rent a car while you are here. It is an incredible way to discover France’s less popular locations and get a better control on your itinerary. Some of the things to keep in mind when driving here are:

  •         Manual transmission cars are cost-effective and offer better mileage.
  •         You have speed cameras around and fines are costly.
  •         When filling gas, keep in mind essence is gasoline and gasoil is diesel. demande de permis de conduire international.
  1.   Save on activities

You have a lot to see in France and this is why sightseeing is expensive here. In order to save money, you can go for Paris Museum Pass.

It helps you avoid the long queues at the major tourist destinations and also offers admission to Orsay Museums, Palace of Versailles, Louvre and Sainte Chapelle Church. And if you don’t have the pass, then make sure you book tickets from beforehand for Versailles and Eiffel Tower.

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  1.   Pay less for your coffee

For coffee lovers, you need to avail the benefit of cheap coffee in France for quick money saving. If you order a cup inside a café at the counter, it is charged less.

For orders outside at a table which needs a waiter, you have to pay more. So, go to the counter, choose from the wide range of options (pastries and coffee) and find a bench or park to enjoy it.

  1.   Health is important

With the pandemic situation still around, it is very important that you don’t ignore this instruction. Make sure you always keep health personnel handy. Geo Allo is your one-stop solution to get in touch with a doctor on call in France. No matter where you are, you can easily find a doctor for help. It uses your geo-location and helps you get in touch with a doctor on call instantly.  

So, just keep these tips in mind and you will feel less stressed, organized and free during your very first France trip. 

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