Everything you need to know about white-box cryptography

Technology has reached new heights today, and its impact can be seen in every possible domain today, whether it is education, infrastructure, manufacturing, etc. Data has become the most important element today since it can either form companies or destroy them. No matter what kind of data we store in our devices, it is at risk of getting stolen by hackers and cyber specialists, who know various techniques which can help with stealing any kind of data. To eliminate this problem & protect your data from such thefts, white-box cryptography was introduced in the year 2002. 

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It aims at protecting your security keys from being revealed during any kind of software implementation process. It does so by combining the techniques of encryption and Obfuscation to implant all the secret keys within the application code. Data theft has become common, that is why the use of white-box cryptography has increased manifold. Following are some of the applications of white-box cryptography:

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  • Digital payments: Gone are the days when payments could only be made in the form of cash since technology has taken over the payments interface today. Due to this advancement, smartphones have turned into contactless payment terminals which can be used to make digital payments. But there is a security risk associated with this problem since online payment platforms store sensitive information relating to customers’ data, which can be easily traced and misused if there is a poor security system. This is where white-box cryptography comes to play since it has been considered as one of the highly flexible methods of data protection.
  • Medical field: The data relating to any Medical device is first encrypted and then sent. While the key to access this data is completely safe inside the medical device and the servers, but when you browse the keys through an app on your smartphone, there is an increased risk of a security breach. In this case, white-box cryptography helps by protecting the decryption and signing keys, which ultimately keeps all the data safe and hidden from any kind of attacker or hacker. You cannot risk your patient’s data, that’s why you should start using the white box in your data security system.

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  • Over the top platforms: The greatest source of entertainment for all of us today is the OTT platforms, which allow us to watch the shows of our choice by paying the subscription amount. While it may be fun for us, but the show creators need to ensure that their videos are protected from any kind of threat, and can be seen by their paying customers without any hassle. Hackers can easily misuse these videos and use them for their benefit, that is why safeguarding these videos with the help of white box cryptography becomes so essential. It works for both the set-top boxes, as well as all the OTT apps.

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