4 Types Of  Jack That You Can Purchase For Lifting Vehicles

Car jacks are one of the beneficial tools that are taken into use for repairing a car. Various things in a vehicle can get damaged after a certain period. These repairs sometimes require lifting the car so the mechanic can fix it quickly and easily. Car jacks nowadays are available in various types, and anyone can buy them for their vehicle or provide services related to the car. Car jacks are of many types and work well for different kinds of repairs in the car. 

These tools come in a compact size, so anyone can use them without hassle. Some car jacks may not be for the average person’s use as they are heavy and cannot be carried around. However, there are ones you can carry along on long trips to repair your car in time of need. Tires in the vehicle are mainly the part that needs replacing on a long journey, and changing the tires, the car jack tools become essential. You can learn more about car jacks and type in this information.

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You can find various types of jacks that people compare with floor jacks, such as bottle jacks, scissor jacks, etc. These all jacks have pros and cons that cannot be ignored for safe use. However, the floor jack is considered a better option as they are much safer. 

You can buy them according to the type of vehicle you want to lift. For example, if you need to raise a truck, you will require a floor jack that can lift the weight of 3 to 5 tons. They are easy to carry, but the car repairing shop generally owns these floor jacks as they can only lift a side of a vehicle. 

  • Electric Car Jack

Electric car jacks are among the most recommended jacks many car owners buy. These electric car jack are easy to use and are much more portable than other car jack tools. These are best for emergency needs, such as replacing tiers or fixing leaking pipes under your car.

An electric car jack can help you lift your car without much Hassel and can make changing tires easy for you. One more advantage of these jacks is that they mostly come in a complete kit that involves a pump, wrench, and cases. These few tools make their use much more accessible than other car lifting jacks. 

  • Car Lifts  

The car lift is not made for regular use and repairing; they are big and cannot be carried around. However, you can still buy them if you have a big garage where you can keep these car lifts. Unlike other Car Jacks, it is not for lifting one side of the car as they can lift the whole car at once. The two most common types of car lifts are frame engaging and wheel engaging.  

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  • Electric Tongue Jack 

Electric tongue jacks are not specifically made for lifting cars. In addition, these jacks can be used for lifting vehicles such as campers, boats, trailers, etc. the electric tongues jacks are mainly helpful in lifting trailers. With these jacks, the trailers can be lifted even when not attached to any vehicles. Tongue jacks made from good material can be used easily and can be helpful for various lifting tasks.  


Jacks are one of the valuable tools that car owners should have because there is no saying when your wheels get fat. Electric car jacks are the best buy for lifting a car because they are portable and can be easily used by anyone.