6 Methods That You Can Use To Check Purity Of The Gold

Gold, by many people, is considered real money that never loses value. It is a precious metal that is limited on the earth and is very rare. Jewelry is the main thing that is made of gold, and many people like it. Gold can be molded in any type of jewelry, making that jewelry look attractive to the eyes. However, gold is scarce material, so its prices are always high, and people sometimes try to make fake jewelry and sell it.

In these situations knowing how to identify pure gold becomes essential. There are various ways to determine whether the gold is real; knowing that can save you a lot of trouble. Even while buying gold, you should try to buy from a certified seller and make sure to get all the documentation. You can read this information to know more about how you can check pure gold.  

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The gold tester is best for checking gold; it does not require the user to do much of the task. You can buy these easily from any online store; ensure the product is verified. The gold tester can quickly identify the material used in making jewelry is gold or not. Therefore, they can be used to determine the purity of the gold. Some gold testers are much more affordable and work great for testing gold. 

  • Look For A Mark

Using machines like a gold tester is not the only way you can check the gold. Some people may not be able to afford a gold tester; therefore, they can use these other gold checking methods. When made, most jewelry is stamped so it can be easily identified. The stamps such as GF and HGP are used on fake gold, and you can easily identify that. Mainly the pure gold is stamped with 24K marks to show that the jewelry is pure gold.   

  • Use A Magnet

Magnet is easily accessible to anyone; thus, this is one excellent method of checking the purity of the gold at home. The jewelry made of pure gold will not attract the magnet. These methods can also help you identify if there is any other metal present in jewelry. Take a piece of the magnet towards the gold, and if you see any pull, the gold is not pure or real. 

  • Check Spots In The Jewellery 

The gold that is not pure will not have any red or white spots. You can see these spots with the use of bright light. This method may seem hard, but it can help identify if the gold is real or not. You can also use a magnifying glass with a bright light that you can use to see if there is any spot in the gold jewelry. 

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  • Check The Edges 

The edges of the gold can also help you see if the jewelry is made out of pure gold. You have to use a bright light and see the edges of the gold. The pure gold does not have faded edges, and they do not get worn. Moreover, if you notice any faded edges, it’s likely fake or not pure.   

  • Use Jeweler’s Stone 

Jeweler’s stones are best for checking gold and are the easiest method you can use without any trouble. Take a jeweler’s stone and rub the gold on it correctly; if you see solid gold marks that are not faded, then the gold is pure. However, this method may be easy, but it’s not good as it can damage your jewelry if not used properly.