5 Secrets To Making Your Videos Go Viral

The Bugles had it right, way back in 1980 when they predicted in their famous track ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ that videos were going to be the next big thing. Today visual media, particularly videos, are an essential part of every social media platform. You can see short videos on Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and even on Pinterest.

People love visuals. Research has proven time and again that visuals have a better impact on humans than audio or texts.

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Every company, from fitness to skincare brands, from automobile to healthcare industry, everyone is catching on to the trend of making videos. But amidst this sea of videos, how do you make your videos stand out?

Yes, you guessed it right. By making it go viral. Talking of which, how do you achieve this? It is every marketer and content creator’s dream to make a video go viral. While this is not an easy task, it is not entirely impossible.

If you are a video creator or a content creator struggling to make your videos go viral, this blog is for you.

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Why Are Videos So Popular?

Last year, 96% of consumers increased their video consumption, and almost 9 out of 10 said they want to watch more video-form content from brands and businesses. Video marketing is popular because consumers like time-saving content which is easy to digest and engaging. If you attach a link to an article of a detailed trip to someplace, very few people will click it, and not all of them will read past the first few paragraphs unless your content has something unique to offer.

But if you offer the same content in a video, people will watch it till the end. The same goes for a product unboxing video, skincare video, or some review.

Videos can increase your engagement rate. While people scroll through social media, an exciting video title can make them stop and pay attention. Videos break the typical monotony of texts.

Also, videos are easy to consume. One can watch a video anytime and on the go.

In an age when content is king, video marketing will, needless to say, be on the rise. So, if you have not yet added videos to your content list, you should gear up and start crafting exciting videos. You will see for yourself how it increases your growth on social media. An online video editor would be helpful if you want to make viral videos.

5 Secrets To Making Your Videos Go Viral

Here comes the hard part. We are not here to tell you that we will share with you a few shortcuts. There are plenty of video creators out there, and if you want to make your video go viral, there’s no shortcut to achieving that. You have to work hard for it.

The tips we share here do not guarantee you immediate results. What works for one company may not work for another. So, you might fail a few times and need to experiment to find out what works for you.

  • Watch the Duration

The topic and social media platform should determine the video length. Nobody wants to watch a twelve-minute long video of you rambling about how great your trip was or your viewpoint on a specific issue unless it’s an informative video. Most viewers do not watch a video past the first ten seconds.

While there is no rule for how long a video should be, it is always recommended to make short videos that consumers won’t get bored of watching. Keep it short yet entertaining and packed with the right message. Focus on quality over quantity.

Also, keep the platform in mind when you create a video. Are you making the video for YouTube? Then a ten-minute video will work. Is the video for Instagram? Then Instagram reels will work best for your video.

  • Be Relevant in Your Niche

Your video should be relevant to your audience. Even though the internet is filled with pointless videos, you cannot afford to upload just anything and expect it to go viral. You want to grab people’s attention; for this, you want to give them something that they can identify with.

Do your research, understand your audience. Why do they follow you? What type of content do they like? Once you cultivate this and know your audience well, making content will be easier for you. Give them topics they can identify with.

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Relevance does not mean the same repetitive content. You can explore different aspects of a similar topic or different topics in the same niche.

  • Use a Strong Thumbnail and Title

You should provide a hook that can grab the audience’s attention. The thumbnail you use for your video or the title you post should act as the hook. 

We find videos titled “How to Get Freelancing Projects” or “Never Seen Before Make-Up Transformation” do better than “We Can Help You Get Freelancing Projects” or “Beauty Transformation.” People like to know the content upfront when they click on it on social media. If you can do this by providing a great thumbnail and title, the first step to getting your video viral is achieved.

Also, use a high-quality and relevant image for your thumbnail. It should reflect your content and give people an idea of what the video is all about.

  • Stay Focused On the Message

Before the video begins, explain what your video is about through visuals or someone speaking, depending on the nature of your video. This gives the audience a clear idea of what to expect from the video. Progress the video accordingly to get the message across.

There should be one clear message, not too many. Videos with subtle, short messages do better than videos packed with too much information. You do not want to confuse the audience with your video. It is easy to get distracted and flow away from the topic. You will see many videos where people start off great but soon divert to different areas. This makes your audience lose interest. Stick to your message throughout. 

  • Experiment and Figure Out What Works For You

If you keep experimenting, you will soon figure out what works best for you. When you create a video, you cannot do it with the motive of making it go viral. You can do your part – script it right, edit well, give a great thumbnail and title, choose the right social media platform, but the rest depends on the internet.

There are so many great videos with only a few likes and views that you wonder where they went wrong. But, at the same time, people share pointless videos of doing silly stuff or their daily lives, which get a massive number of shares and likes.

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What To Do Once Your Video Goes Viral?

Once your video goes viral, the video won’t be limited to your followers only. Audiences across the world will see it. Some may like it; some may not.

Be open to criticism. There might be comments on how terrible your editing skills are or how boring your video is. Do not let the criticism get into your head. You can assess these comments and improve upon your content. But, remember, it went viral because the majority of the people liked it.

Also, viral videos stay on the internet for a long time. So, you may receive comments or people trying to reach you over the content even after years. Try and use this opportunity to open as many doors as possible.

To make your video go viral, do not drift off from why you started making videos in the first place. Keep making good content.

In conclusion, do not beat yourself up if you have followed all our tips, and your video still won’t go viral. These tips can make for a great video. Viral videos have a random nature. Accept the fact that the internet plays a significant role in determining what goes viral. You do your bit and let the internet take care of the rest.

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If you have any queries or tips that you would like to share with us, feel free to reach out to us!

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