Best English Learning Websites And Apps

Are you looking to improve your English language? Websites and apps create an avenue for fast, easy, comfortable, and unlimited learning. The issue is not whether or not websites and apps are great. It is more about deciding which ones to choose.

There are many English learning websites and apps on the internet, and more are published daily. But for some reason, even a newbie or a basic person in the English Language feels they can teach the language. While trying them all is good, you would be wasting your resources and time doing that. You would only get more frustrated when you end up at the right one after more than five tries.

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Hassle no more! Here are the best English learning websites and apps with pros and cons for easier decision-making.

Cambridge English

If you are familiar with searching for English words on the internet, Cambridge English is one of the websites that pop up for synonyms, antonyms, and definitions of words. Perfect if you are studying for Cambridge English exams, it also has over 100 activities for learners to master the English language.

Some features in this website/app include texts to read, platforms to write, audio lessons to listen to, microphone allowance to speak, grammar and vocabulary activities, and much more. A fun addition is that the Cambridge English website offers fun sing-along lessons for kids to learn the language faster and in a fun way.


  • The website offers fun games to increase learning interest
  • You can download the app across all platforms and devices
  • It offers exam questions for progress evaluation
  • It is a great app/website for both kids and teens


  • The website may be challenging to navigate
  • Young learners might find the website limited


Duolingo is not just known for teaching English but for tutoring people in numerous languages. Keeping you on track through its constant task reminder, streaks, and lesson stages, you will learn or get better at English in no time at all. User-friendly, the website/app also helps people with consistency problems.

This platform offers features including flashcards for easy remembrance and sharper memorizing, multi-choice questions, and fill-in-the-blanks. The platform approaches teaching with a game-like motive and is known to be engaging. So if you are looking for online English language tutors that can help you get better at English words quickly – it is a great choice.

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  • The lessons are short and quick to complete for people with a short attention span
  • Audio clips are available, and you can slow them down to listen better
  • Learning is gamified and fun


  • It may have been created only for people in the US
  • It may not teach conversational English language

British Council

British Council was strictly a physical school offering English lessons to thousands of students in the past. But with the rising advantages of online learning, including more students to teach, lower costs, teacher convenience, and so much more, they also now offer online English classes and are one of the best learning websites on this list.

The British Council is known for its Live25 Classes, which entail many teacher-to-student presentations that are 25 minutes long. The courses taught on this English learning website include grammar points, modals of ability, and superlatives for the average person. You would be allowed to ask questions, and you can surely connect with other students – like in a real-life class.


  • It has some free features
  • It simulates physical learning: classes, discussions, and tutoring
  • Tests are handed out for self-evaluation from teacher to student
  • Video and audio classes are provided for better learning than just texts 


  • Free features may be limiting
  • Presentations may be too long for students with short-attention-span


Babbel is a beginner-friendly English learning website that teaches grammar and vocabulary. It uses fun mediums like games and a focused, educative way like tests. Conversations will become easier and more natural with a completed session.

Features are available in the form of materials and detailed explanations provided by native speakers. In addition, Babbel also throws in review sessions (like flashcards) to remind and reinforce comprehension. After every session, you will also be tested with quizzes and fun games to evaluate what you have learned so far.


  • Many English variations are available to learn
  • Babbel is great for those who are new to the English Language
  • The website is fun, with the inclusion of games and short quizzes.


  • The feature may only be available at a cost
  • Group interaction may be unavailable

BBC Learning English

The BBC Learning English website is one of the oldest and most effective English learning websites for you to master and improve your English language. Established and operating since 1943, this website offers quality materials for those interested in self-tutoring. For emphasis, the BBC Learning English website is not one for tutors to teach but for you to learn independently.

Also, the BBC Learning Engish website features multiple-choice quizzes, video lessons, radio shows, and articles. These articles can cover topics of all sorts, from stories to news, pronunciation teachings, and even learning of new and strange words. In addition, the materials are provided on a platter of gold  – for free!


  • There is no need to register or sign up to utilize the materials
  • The materials are free for all users
  • BBC Learning English is reputable for its many learning mediums and channels
  • You can learn at your pace and your most comfortable scheduling


  • You may not be able to connect with tutors or students
  • British English might be the only language available for learning.


If you are interested in learning new vocabulary in English – just the new words, Memrise is a great English learning website for you. Also offering other languages, Memrise is free and paid, as there are free features and other premium services. The website uses a subscription member payment plan, which works best for those who need more motivation to complete their learning program.

The features you can expect from Memrise include some multi-choice questions for self-evaluation, listening activities, and reviews (in speed and classic mode) which work like flashcards to help remember new words. Best of all, Memrise allows you to type – which works great for learning the words and their spellings.


  • You can create your custom course plan and share it with your friends
  • Memrise helps track your progress to foster consistency and devotion
  • Both audio and video learning platforms are available
  • Teachings are from native speakers


  • Some features may be unavailable for free subscribers
  • The website may be limited to vocabulary alone.


This video-based English learning website focuses on sharing and educating students on many languages including English. Created to help you get first-hand experience with learning, the website lacks tutor experience and allows you to watch each video and relate to it personally. Great for beginners, videos also contain subtitles to help you track and understand the context of the content.

Categorized into levels, formats, and topics, the videos are short and highly descriptive, making it easy to watch many a day. The videos contain grammar points as well as vocabulary. There are also flashcards to help users remember what they have learned. 


  • Video clips make learning more understandable and interactive than just texts.
  • Flashcards help to test understanding.
  • You are allowed to make your custom flashcards based on words you wish to remember
  • Videos also include movie clips for more engagement and fun


  • The website might not be best for people practicing for a test
  • Platforms to test speaking might not be available


Preply is one of the world’s majorly used English learning websites, offering over 11,000 tutors. The platform is best for you if you want to improve in all aspects of English, including vocabulary, grammar, and conversational teachings, and even pass your tests. It is also a great platform for adults across all spheres of life, including school, work, and other people.

On the Preply app/website, you can customize your teachers to location, accent, and specialization. While there might not be games, it is a targeted platform for those who need to learn the language fast. The features of Preply include group classes, 1-on-1 tutoring with expert teachers, audio notes, and much more.


  • Classes are created to be tailored to fit every user
  • There are numerous tutors from different cultures and with several certifications
  • Group classes make connection and socialization better
  • It is a focused platform


  • It may require payment
  • Preply might be too serious for younger age groups.


While some people might prefer self-study and self-learning, others love to learn with friends; meeting new people on a platform. English learning websites (as many as they are) are all created for different audiences. That is why this guide also contained the pros and cons of each option so that you could make an informed decision. A few of these websites/apps are paid, some are video-based, others have games, and the rest could be more strict with learning. Browse through and make a move towards better English speaking and understanding.