Career Options After Class 12th – Which Career Path Is Right for You?  

In the current time, it has been observed that students generally get confused with their career choice after completing their 12th studies. And, with the presence of various professional courses, selecting the right career becomes a tough task. So, when opting for career options after the 12th, you must consider factors like your interest, scope, and job opportunities. In this post, we have discussed some of the most prominent career opportunities that you can think of opting for after class 12th for a bright career ahead.  

Career options after the 12th for PCM students  

The students who opted for PCM in class 12th have many career opportunities. Among different choices, they can go for anyone according to their skills and interests. Here are some career options for PCM students that they can pursue post 12th:   


This is one of the most elected courses for PCM students. After finishing the B. Tech course, you can become an engineer in many fields, such as computer engineering, automobile engineering, civil engineering, electronics and communication, and a lot more.   

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Arch or Bachelor’s degree in Architecture is one more popular course that science students can choose. This is a 5-year graduate degree course that gives knowledge associated with building development.


BCA, or Bachelor of Computer Applications, is one of the top courses since there are huge job opportunities in this field. BCA is a 3-year course where you will learn all about computer science. With technological changes in each field, this is turning out to be a successful career alternative.  

These three are most popular career options after the 12th PCM. But you may choose any other career apart from these three and still have a successful career ahead. You can talk to the career counselors online and get the best possible career help. This procedure will let you assess your area of interests and select a course that can fulfill your interests.  

Career options for PCB students after 12th  

Students with a PCB combination have several options present. Some of them are discussed below:  


Medical is the most general field that students with PCB can select. MBBS is a five-and-a-half-year course that students can opt to become a doctor. Various specializations are offered in this field that one can select for lucrative job opportunities.   

Many medical students also switch from the niche of treating patients to researching and developing treatment possibilities. So, a better online career counselling will enable you to explore all the specialized fields and the best MBBS colleges.


BDS is another branch for medical students. This course allows students to become a dentist. On completion of this course, you can become a dental surgeon and make a successful career.   

You will become an accredited doctor and therefore have a choice to either start private practice or work in a hospital. This relies on your career aims and your selections. 


One more attractive career opportunity for biology science students is B. Pharma. It is a 4-year course, and you can work as a chemist once you finish this course. Students with this degree are selected in medical companies as MR. They obtain a good salary and get other perks too. 

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This is a course for students who wish to enter the medical field to give good care to patients. This 4-year course teaches the student all the techniques included in looking after patients suffering from various diseases. To take admission in this course, you have to clear entrance exams that are organized by several states and their colleges.  


Many paramedical courses are offered that students can opt for after their class 12th with PCB. These courses are normally specialized courses that are linked to a specific domain. Same as doctors, paramedical experts are uniformly in demand nowadays. A four-year full-time study, including practice, is essential before you initiate your career in this niche.  

Career options for Commerce students  

Due to financial development and supremacy in the finance industry, many students today have a tendency toward the commerce field. During the class 12th study, students gain knowledge of Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics, and Accounts. Some of the best career choices in Commerce are discussed below:  

After class 12th with Commerce, the course most of the students opt for is B. com. Same as any other course, the duration of this course is also 3 years. In this period, many subjects are taught, such as Business Statistics, Accountancy, Business organization, and Economics.  


Students who have an interest in the management field, apart from obtaining academic proficiency, must go for BBA. Career counselors also suggest this course if you want to do MBA in the future. Indeed, possessing an MBA degree with a BBA improves the range of job options. 


A number of students choose the Commerce field and other accountancy subjects with a readiness to become Chartered Accountants (CA). After class 12th, students require to pass a basic course of either Cost Accountancy or Chartered Accountancy. Once they pass this basic course, then they can opt for the intermediate courses. CA is somewhat tough, so you should think of all other factors before selecting it.  


Various Commerce students have an interest in studying the investment and financial elements of taxation. For these students, the CS course is suitable. By choosing this course, they can obtain knowledge regarding different company affairs and other associated factors.  

Career choices for Arts students  

Apart from the Commerce and Science field, most of the students pursue the Arts field too. Indeed, the students who go for class 12th arts are more in number than in different streams. The study of arts includes diverse career alternatives that you can go after.  

Let us find out a few courses that are usually preferred by students:  

BA or BA(Hons)  

BA or Bachelor of Arts has been the most popular course for a very long time and till today amongst students who clear Arts in 12th. Students may get admission in their preferred subjects either by direct admission or by giving entrance exams organized by different colleges.  


Today, BJMC, or Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication, is a very prominent course for not just Arts students but for students of other streams too. With the growth in media and communication, this field’s scope is also huge. Students who want to enter the Journalism and Media world must pick this 3-year degree course after completing the class 12th.  


BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) is a suitable course for students having an interest in painting and drawing. With BFA, students can also pursue courses in visual arts. Also, for students who want to enter the professions such as content writing, or digital marketing, this course can be proved a milestone. Additionally, you should know about the process of cut-off marks and entrance exams for taking admission. 


Selecting the right career completely depends on the students. To know what would be the best career options after the 12th, avail the best career guidance, and go for an appropriate career path. A career counselor will also allow you to know the different features of a specific career. After all, this is a verdict that would decide your complete future, and you have to survive with it for a complete life. So, no scope remains for any mistakes when opting for the course.