What are the best books for bank exam syllabus preparation?

The banking system plays a crucial role in the economy of a developing country like India. Economic reforms and technology have widened the banking sector’s scope and has resulted in the creation of several new opportunities. High growth leads to better job prospects, and therefore, a career in banking today is among the top options … Read more

Why should you consider Canada as a study destination?

Several people across the globe are very much interested to study in Canada because of the immense number of possibilities associated with this particular nation. Several people aspire to study in Canada because of the amalgamation of the scenic beauty, universally acclaimed education system and great implementation opportunities provided by the nation to people. Following … Read more

Understanding Shakespeare’s Literary Works

Shakespeare is a very important part of the syllabus for ICSE students. Merchant of Venice and The Tempest is the most commonly included literature plays in the syllabus of students in high school. It cannot be expected of every student to understand Shakespeare at once, or even make sense of the complicated language used. Because … Read more

Back-to-School Tips Every Student Can Use

Whether you’re headed back to college, high school, secondary school, or primary school, the back-to-school season is in full swing! To help make sure that students start the school year off on the correct foot. That’s why it is necessary to take care of certain things before going to school. And we are here to … Read more

Advantages of opting for ncert solutions and notes for class 8th social science preparation

Class 8th is a crucial year in a student’s academic life. Different subjects and their constituent chapters mark the beginning of a diverse syllabus that helps in the creation of a strong basic foundation for further subjects and classes. Out of all the subjects, Class 8 social science is considered to be one of the most difficult … Read more

UiPath v/s Blue Prism v/s Automation Anywhere. 

RPA is transforming each industry where it’s being used. Organizations and businesses for many years have been slowed down due to increasing tasks that are repetitive, redundant, and manually intensive. What essentially RPA has done is that it has taken all these tasks and automated them by mimicking human interactions with different tools and interfaces … Read more

Excel, Python, and the future of data science

Excel Python and the future of data science

USES OF EXCEL IN DATA SCIENCE Excel has several usages in the data science field. Following are the top uses of Excel for any data scientist. – THE VISUAL BASIC CONCEPT Popularly known for its short-form VBA, the Visual Basic for Applications is one of the popular features of the Excel sheet in general. The … Read more