Defenses For Domestic Violence in Los Angeles

Even when the fighting has stopped, a simple quarrel between two spouses or relatives may rapidly turn into a dramatic and horrible event for everyone. The ensuing torment may extend for years. A multifaceted strategy is often used to create a successful defense. The good news is that because arrests are frequently made with less evidence, domestic violence battery is one of the most defendable crimes in Los Angeles. This is why a defendant should never accept a plea offer without first speaking with a lawyer, who can walk you through how to defend against criminal charges.

Hiring a lawyer:

A private attorney shows the prosecutor that you are committed to defending the case when you employ one. Public defense clients all too frequently accept boilerplate plea deals that wind up being everything but a bargain.

A prosecutor’s willingness to tenaciously prosecute the case may be weakened if the defendant engages a private attorney with substantial expertise exclusively representing domestic violence defendants, particularly if the charge is a misdemeanor and the defendant has no past criminal history.

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Working with the victim:

There may be a chance to settle the lawsuit before it even begins if your attorney can cooperate with the victim. It’s crucial that a lawyer participate in this process because it’s sensitive. If there is a “no contact” order in place, it is crucial for the defendant to avoid seeming to be intimidating or coercing the victim in any manner.

However, a victim has the option of communicating with the prosecution if they don’t want the case to proceed. A victim’s request could be taken into consideration, even if the state still opts to press charges. Recognize, however, that the prosecutor has the last say on the matter.

Seeking counseling:

Before a domestic violence case is actually prosecuted, it may be advantageous for a defendant to obtain counseling, drug rehab, or mental health care.

This has a lot of potential benefits. First of all, it increases the likelihood that a defendant won’t be detained again for the same crime while the case is still open. This is crucial because a later arrest for a related offense might have severe consequences.

Final thoughts:

Initial negotiations with the state will be initiated by an attorney. This may entail getting involved on a client’s behalf early on to draw attention to factual discrepancies in the evidence, submit some legal objections, and alert the state to any mitigating circumstances.