What Is Flushed PNR?

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In the realm of travel and reservations, you may have come across the term “flushed PNR” or “flushed passenger name record.” Understanding the meaning and significance of this term is crucial, especially for travelers and those involved in the travel industry. In this blog post, we will explore what a flushed PNR refers to, why it occurs, and how it affects travel arrangements. Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind flushed PNR and gain insights into its implications.

What Is Flushed PNR?

A flushed PNR refers to a passenger name record that has been deleted or removed from a travel reservation system. A passenger name record is a unique identifier associated with an individual’s travel itinerary, containing essential information such as flight details, ticketing data, and passenger information. When a PNR is flushed, it is no longer retrievable from the system, essentially erasing the associated travel arrangements.

Reasons For Flushed PNR:

  1. Cancellations or Changes: Flushed PNRs often occur when a traveler cancels their reservation or makes significant changes to their travel plans. In such cases, the PNR is removed from the system to reflect the updated or canceled itinerary.
  2. Expired Reservations: If a passenger fails to confirm or make payment for their reservation within a specific timeframe, the PNR may be automatically flushed from the system. This frees up the reservation inventory for other passengers.
  3. System Maintenance or Purging: Travel reservation systems periodically undergo maintenance or purging processes to optimize system performance and manage data storage. During these activities, older or inactive PNRs may be flushed to create space and improve system efficiency.

Implications Of Flushed PNR:

  1. Loss of Reservation Information: Once a PNR is flushed, all associated travel details, including flight bookings, seat assignments, and special service requests, are no longer accessible. It is essential to keep track of reservation confirmation numbers or maintain backups of important travel information to avoid any inconveniences.
  2. Difficulty in Rebooking: If a PNR is accidentally flushed or removed due to system errors or miscommunication, it can pose challenges in rebooking or retrieving the original travel arrangements. Reconstructing the itinerary may require contacting the airline, travel agent, or customer support to reinstate the reservation or explore alternative options.
  3. Data Protection and Privacy: The flushing of PNRs is often carried out as part of data protection practices to ensure passenger privacy and comply with data retention policies. By removing PNRs from the system, travel companies reduce the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

Mitigating Risks And Ensuring Smooth Travel:

  1. Documenting Reservation Details: It is essential for travelers to document their reservation information, including confirmation numbers, flight details, and any relevant travel documents. Keeping a digital or physical copy can serve as a backup in case of any issues with flushed PNRs.
  2. Communicating with Travel Providers: If a flushed PNR occurs due to system errors or other unforeseen circumstances, promptly contact the relevant travel provider, such as the airline or travel agency. They may be able to assist in rebooking or retrieving the reservation details.
  3. Double-checking Confirmation: After making changes or cancellations to a reservation, verify that the updated information reflects accurately in the travel system. Confirm the new reservation details to ensure there are no discrepancies or unintentional PNR flushing.


Understanding the concept of flushed PNR is vital for travelers to navigate potential challenges and ensure a smooth travel experience. While flushed PNRs represent deleted or removed passenger name records from travel systems, travelers can take proactive measures to safeguard their reservation information and mitigate risks. By staying informed, documenting important travel details, and promptly communicating with travel providers, travelers can overcome any obstacles related to flushed PNRs and enjoy a seamless journey.


What Is Flushed PNR Or PNR Not Generated?

A PNR number becomes invalid shortly after the journey and it is flushed out from the server. If you check your PNR status after a few days of journey, you will get the message “Error! FLUSHED PNR / PNR NOT YET GENERATED”.

What Is The Flushed PNR Check?

If you check the PNR status after your journey ends, the status visible will be “Flushed PNR” or “PNR is Flushed” which means the PNR number is no more active neither can it be reused.

How Can I Get My Old PNR Details?

Once you log on to the irctc website needs to open the “Booked Ticket History” page as mentioned on below image. Click on “Booked Ticket History” to open the IRCTC booked ticket history page.

How Many Hours Before Train Chart Is Prepared?

about 4 hours

The first chart for any train is prepared by the authorities about 4 hours before the scheduled departure time of the train from the originating station.


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