Growing And Shaping Beard Styles

Beard styles require proper care and maintenance to stay in good and perfect shape. If you no longer want to shave your facial hair, you should consider joining the beard community for a new and fresh look. Beards require proper care and maintenance to stay in good condition and attractive at all times.

When considering a specific beard style, you should consider factors such as facial structure. Trimming is also an important factor when growing beards to keep them in shape. The following is a guide on how to grow and shape beard styles that you should learn about.

  • Let Your Beard Grow to the Required Size

If you want to explore perfect beard styles, you need to be patient as the hair grows. The beard takes longer to grow compared to the hair on the head and you should leave it undisturbed for a certain amount of time.

As the beard grows, you should avoid trimming it to allow it to grow to full length. You might be disturbed by how messy it may look, but that is part of the growth process.

If you have been shaving your beard clean, it will take around two weeks or more to grow a short-length beard. The time taken entirely depends on how fast your hair grows, which is likely to differ with different people.

Once you have reached a short-length beard, you can start trimming not unless you want the beard to grow longer than that. 

You should be relaxed about how your beard grows because it is always different with different men. Some people take more than a year to grow a full beard.

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Growing And Shaping Beard Styles

  • Trimming your beards

When doing the trimming, you should take your time and be careful to avoid messing with the whole beard. A wrongly trimmed beard will have you repeating the whole process of waiting for it to grow.

Remember that you should only do the trimming once you are satisfied with the length of growth. Use beard trimmers to trim the edges of the beard carefully. Trimming a beard involves removing very little hair because the whole idea of growing a beard was to keep facial hair.

  • Fade the Hairs Along the Neck

All beard styles require proper shaping to look neat and maintained. To create a perfect shape for your beard, you should create a clear fade starting from the hair on Adam’s apple all the way up to where the neck connects with the jaw.

You should use different guard numbers to clearly distinguish the fade as you move up to connect the fade with the longer beard hair.

  • Maintain the Beard Shape

Once you have settled on a particular beard shape, you should do regular trimming to maintain the shape. The hair will grow with time, and this may cause it to lose shape. 

Once you realize your beard has grown out, consider trimming the edges perfectly and renewing the fade. 

You should also ensure you clean your beads regularly to avoid providing a home for bacteria from the food you eat. You should also oil and brush your beard to keep it neat at all times. Poorly maintained beards make you look untidy and generally mess up your entire look.

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  • Visit a Barber for Maintenance and Advise

Sometimes you don’t have to do all the work by yourself. You should consider visiting a barber every once in a while for professional advice on keeping your beard in good condition.

The barber is well-experienced and will advise you on what shapes work best for you and will also guide you on the products to use on your beard.

Suppose you have doubts about coming up with beard styles by yourself. You should visit a barber to it for you or advise you on the same.

  • Use Photos for Demonstrations

If you normally visit a barber for beard styling, you should use photographs to demonstrate the final look you want. This gives the barber the exact picture of what to do rather than experimenting o your beard through guesswork and ending up with different results.