How Can I Find Someone Online For Free?

Our current social networking era makes it quite simple to locate many missing friends and coworkers. The world of the past, which was so private, has completely altered. Anyone with an internet connection can visit social networking sites and obtain public and governmental records as needed. 

You can discover people online using sophisticated search techniques. If the person’s information is available online, these tools will find them. They might, nonetheless, be pricey. There are several free ways to find individuals online in the modern age of technology. Several tools are available to assist you to locate people, whether you’re seeking an old buddy, a long-lost family, or an individual with a similar interest.

How to Find Someone Free Online?

A search engine like Google or Bing is one of the simplest ways to locate someone. After putting the person’s name in quotes, click search. You’ll probably receive a huge list of outcomes, which you may filter down by checking for more details like their city of residence or place of employment.

Try social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn if you’re having problems finding someone using a search engine. You’ll probably be able to locate the person you’re looking for if they utilize social media because so many people use these platforms to keep in touch with friends and family.

Also available online are a number of paid people search services. These services can be useful if you’re having problems identifying someone using other means because they typically have access to more detailed information than what’s available through public sources. The cost of these services varies, so do your research before selecting whether or not to use one. 

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Method 1: Using People-Search Websites

Online, there are numerous methods for finding people. Scanning public records, which are freely available, is one of the greatest techniques. Birth certificates, marriage licenses, and divorce judgments are a few examples of these documents. Additionally, you may look for corporate records and land use permits. However, it can be difficult to locate these records online.

1. People Fast Find

As a top-notch free people search engine, People Fast Find, allows users to look up people using details like their names, phone numbers, or email addresses. You can get a range of contact details, public records, and other background information with the search tool. Typically, a people search website is needed. But it’s much easier using People Fast Find. You only need to understand how to navigate a basic website. It is completely free and simple to use with just a few clicks.

2. TruthFinder

The most effective background check tool available is unquestionably TruthFinder. To locate people’s background information, criminal histories, and social media profiles, it searches through millions of meticulous public documents from around the internet.

3. BeenVerified

A vast collection of publicly available data from public documents, social media profiles, criminal histories, property records, and more is combined by BeenVerified. You may simply find detailed information about a person using the program.

Method 2: Using Search Engines

There are a few methods you can use for free to locate someone’s email address. Search engines like Google or Bing should be used as a starting point. In the search bar, simply type the person’s name and “email” to see what results are returned.

Name Lookup

To search for people by name, go to the Search area and choose “People Search.”

  • Give your name’s first, last, and, if you can, middle names. To achieve better results, kindly make sure the characters provided are spelled correctly and accurately.
  • Make careful to include the person’s location in your search if you are aware of it. Please provide the person’s city or state in the space provided.
  • Please don’t enter anything in the location search box if you don’t know where they are.
  • To show search results for your query, click the “Search” icon.
  • When you locate the person you’re looking for among the results provided, click on the best match to obtain further information.
  • Using a name search, you may access and look up a lot of information.

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Phone Number

A reverse phone number lookup is one approach. Many websites provide this service, and a quick Google search will typically yield the results you need. Once you’ve located a website offering this service, type the phone number into the search field to see what results appear.

Email address

Some email senders tend to use cloaking services or private aliases to hide their email IDs. When you receive electronic mail from such individuals, you may want to know who sent it. Here is where People Fast Find comes into play; you can use it to find personal details on email senders and much more.

Method 3: Using Social Media Platforms


Every month, Facebook is used by at least 2.6 million individuals and businesses. Consequently, you can learn a lot about someone simply by visiting their Facebook profile. By visiting the website and utilizing the search engine, you can find out what information is available on Facebook.


An online network called LinkedIn links professionals with businesses and other like-minded white-collar workers. You can find the person you’re looking for on LinkedIn by typing their name and line of work into the search field.


By typing a person’s name into the search bar on Twitter, you can find them. On Twitter, you can use a location-based search feature to find people. All you have to do is select “Near my Location” if the target person lives close to where you are. If you’re unsure, then choose “Anywhere in the World.”


Try our search tactics and see if you can find the person using Google and social media sites if you don’t feel like paying for the information. Finding someone’s criminal history can also be done by going to the court clerk’s office or a court website. If you have any queries or recommendations, feel free to post a remark below.