How to Use Instagram to Increase your YouTube Subscribers

How to Use Instagram to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers

Do you have many followers on Instagram but can’t find a way to increase YouTube subscribers? Well, you can use your Instagram account to gain subscribers on YouTube quickly. Cross-promotion is a useful strategy to build an online community on social media platforms.


YouTube and Instagram are giants when it comes to social media platforms. More than a billion hours of video content is watched on YouTube in a single day. Similarly, there are around a billion people worldwide that use Instagram. As a content creator or small business, you can use both platforms simultaneously to build an online community.

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Not all your Instagram users might be using YouTube daily. It can be difficult to invite users from one platform to other. However, you can invite your Instagram followers to subscribe to your YouTube channel with the right strategies. Read on to know how to grow your followers on YouTube with the help of Instagram.


Announce New YouTube Videos on Instagram


Every time you post something new to your YouTube channel, let your Instagram followers know about it. Effective cross-promotion on social media platforms can gain you immediate results. Don’t share the full YouTube videos on Instagram, as the users will have already watched them.


Start by sharing short video clips of your YouTube content on Instagram. It will make the users excited for your content on YouTube. They will feel like they have to visit your channel on YouTube to see the full video. You can also share the thumbnail of your YouTube video on Instagram to create a buzz about your new content.


By continuously sharing new YouTube content on your Instagram profile, you will get the attention of users. Also, it will show that your YouTube channel is active and posting regularly. Don’t post similar content on YouTube and Instagram as then the users will only prefer one platform. Users should feel like there is something new on your YouTube channel that cannot be watched on Instagram.

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Show YouTube and Instagram Feed on Your Webpage


If you have a dedicated website, show Instagram and YouTube feed on the homepage. Many small businesses use plugins that can show Instagram/YouTube feeds on their website. By showing social media feeds on your website, you can boast an omnipresence to your followers.


Showing the YouTube feed on your website will let the site visitors know that you are active on social media platforms too. Plugins are available in the market to show social media feeds on your website in simple steps. Provide links to your social media accounts on your websites to invite the site visitors.


Use Hashtags on Instagram for Promoting YouTube Content


Hashtags are super effective on Instagram to grow your followers. Many people intentionally use Instagram to discover new YouTube channels. For example, many users who love watching gaming videos subscribe to a YouTube channel after watching its videos on Instagram.


You can use hashtags that are related to YouTube and your content to gain more subscribers. Many users on Instagram search with hashtags like #youtube, #youtubevideos, #youtubestar, #youtubegaming, and #subscribe. Users may not migrate easily from YouTube to Instagram but, they sure can migrate to YouTube after watching content on Instagram.


While using hashtags for boosting your YouTube content on Instagram, don’t overdo them. Hashtag stuffing and adding irrelevant hashtags seems unprofessional on Instagram. Try to add no more than ten hashtags for any post on Instagram. Before posting content on Instagram, you can search for the buzzing hashtags of the day on the internet.


Add Your YouTube Channel to Instagram Bio


Whenever a user visits a profile on Instagram, the first thing it sees is the Insta bio. The bio on Instagram contains basic information about your profile that helps the user make a decision. Try to choose a catchy bio Insta that can gain the attention of users.


Instagram allows you to add a link to your bio. The link can be of your YouTube channel, website, Twitter handle, etc. If you put the YouTube channel link on your Instagram bio, you can grow your followers on YouTube.


When a new user visits your Instagram profile, there are high chances that he will immediately subscribe to your YouTube channel by seeing the link in the bio. Many successful YouTubers have their channel link on their Instagram profiles. You can search the internet for catchy Instagram bio ideas before choosing one for your profile.


Use Instagram Stories to Gain YouTube Subscribers


Instagram stories may disappear after 24 hours but have immense power to catch the attention of users. You can share news about your latest YouTube video on Instagram stories. There is no limitation on the number of stories one can post on Instagram. You can post numerous stories in a day to create a buzz about your new YouTube content.


You can share your YouTube video thumbnail or a small video clip on Instagram stories to catch viewers’ attention. Approximately 500 million Instagram users use the story feature daily. You can attract those story viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Instagram also allows you to save your stories and add them as highlights to your Instagram profile.


Use the ‘Swipe Up’ Feature on Instagram to Gain YouTube Followers


Business accounts on Instagram are allowed to use the ‘Swipe Up’ feature. This feature is also available for users than have 10,000 or more followers on Instagram. The ‘Swipe Up’ feature lets users directly visit the full YouTube video.


With a few swipes, users will directly switch to your YouTube channel. They don’t have to go through the hassle of searching your channel and videos on YouTube. Like the ‘Swipe Up’ features, Instagram has many other features that support cross-promotion.


Interact with Instagram Users to Lure Them to Your YouTube Channel


Many YouTubers give away gift cards, money, and other things to their fans on Instagram. They do this to attract other Instagram users to like the YouTube channel. Many YouTubers make posts about their top fans and post them on Instagram.


You can start by posting fan shoutouts on Instagram to catch the attention of the audience. Once you have the attention of Instagram followers, you can attract them to your YouTube channel. You can go live on Instagram, urging your followers to visit your YouTube channel.


In a Nutshell


In the end, users will keep subscribing to your YouTube channel if you post appealing content. One can use a video editor to make effective content for YouTube and Instagram. With the right promotional strategies on Instagram, you can grow your followers on YouTube. Start using Instagram to boost your YouTube channel!