Top 10 Data Analytics Projects for Beginners

About 91% of the employers prefer candidates who have work experience in the current competitive market, as per NACE Job Outlook 2017 report. This makes it utterly difficult for freshers to land their dream job, as the first thing recruiters often ask for is WorkEx. This is where the “Projects” come into picture and help the candidates to showcase their skills and capabilities.

Projects play a more important role in skill oriented careers, like Data Analytics. For candidates willing to build a career as a Data Analyst, these projects serve as proof of your skill expertise and thus validate your candidature for the job role. Many students are pursuing an online Data Analytics course in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and various cities to learn the skills to work on such projects.

Mentioning key projects in your resume attracts the recruiters and increases your chance of getting hired. Additionally, you might end up earning a salary higher than the average payscale of ₹4,40,000.

To help you out with choosing a good project to work on, we have listed 10 good ideas below. These 10 project ideas have been clubbed into 5 categories, based on the skill set they require.

Web Scraping Projects

The data analytics projects usually start with data scraping. It involves collecting data from the web and arranging it into a usable format.

  • Having skills in web scraping shows that an individual can find and scrape their own data based on their interest.
  • Some of the useful tools that could help in web scraping are Parsehub, Octoparse, or data libraries like Beautiful Soup or Scrapy.
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Listed below are 3 good project ideas based on Web Scraping.

Idea 1: Job Portal

  • You can do data scraping of job portals for their local area job information.
  • Candidates can collect job titles, companies, locations, salaries, required skills, etc.
  • This is really helpful for those who actively look for jobs and will help you in building a big community.

Idea 2: E-Commerce Sites

  • Data scraping for product and pricing data from e-commerce sites is also popular.
  • You can look into popular e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart and collect the product’s reviews and prices.

Idea 3: Social Media Platforms

  • This would include scraping data from social media websites like Reddit or Twitter.
  • Collecting data like keywords, upvotes, user data, etc. can help in further exploratory analysis and investigation.

Data Cleaning Projects

Data Cleaning is one of the important skills that a data analyst should have. A beginner should surely choose a project on data cleaning.

  • This involves removing incorrect or duplicate data and making sure the format of the data is consistent.
  • Cleaning unstructured data is important for businesses as it provides insights about consumers and their habits and subject of interest.

To practice data cleaning, one should look for data sets that have multiple files gathered from multiple resources. Some of such datasets that can help in data cleaning projects are listed below.

Idea 4: World Bank Open Data

  • This is a listing of all available World Bank datasets and includes databases, pre-formatted tables, reports, and other resources.
  • Projects related to this can also help in developing solutions for global problems.

Idea 5: CDC Wonder

  • It is an online database that includes the CDC Scientific Data archives, a collection of scientific datasets, and documentation produced by the CDC.

Exploratory Data Analysis Projects

EDA is a technique of analysis that answers questions with the help of data.  The EDA process helps to recognize and identify patterns, trends, and anomalies in the data. It tests hypotheses and helps to validate assumptions about the data.

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Idea 6: World Happiness Report

  • A project to create a world happiness report by measuring the happiness score of various countries.
  • The individuals will have to collect the data and use it to understand patterns and data structures.
  • The happiness score depends on the average of 6 factors: Economic Production, Freedom, Absence of Corruption, Social Support, Life Expectancy, and Generosity. One can find these through the datasets.

Idea 7: Detection of Global Suicide Rates

  • Suicide rates have been a major concern throughout the world and there is a lot of data available related to it.
  • One can go through the datasets and look for suicide rates, human development index (HDI), GDP, demographics of the country, etc.
  • The data will help to find out patterns and figure out the increase and decrease in the overall suicide rates, what are the common reasons for suicide, which gender commits suicide more, etc.

Sentiment Analysis Projects

It is a technique to detect the emotions of the data, based on the list of words found. It determines whether the data is neutral, positive, or negative. This analysis is used in public review sites and social media platforms.

Idea 8: Product Reviews

  • Customers usually post pictures and talk about the product in feedback forums and social media. This data could be used to understand the customer’s emotions.
  • This data can be collected and analyzed to understand how different people respond to the different marketing strategies.

Data Visualization Projects

Data visualization is the process of presenting the data or information in the form of charts, graphs, and maps. This helps in understanding data trends, outliers, and various other patterns. Some of the data visualization tools that one can use are Tableau, Google Charts, D3, Raw Graphs, etc.

Idea 9: COVID-19

  • Creating a graphical representation of COVID-19 data would be a great project to work on. Sites like Kaggle have thousands of data sets available on COVID-19.
  • You can create global heat maps to show the areas where the cases have spiked.
  • You can also create overlapping bar charts showing the known infections versus the predicted infection and similar data.

Idea 10: Travel Data

  • The transport data can be used to do projects on data visualization.
  • One can use Python to visualize the top tourist destinations in the world and their relation with GDP and inbound or outbound tourists.

The above-mentioned projects seem very basic but help in developing the foundation of Data Analytics in candidates. It is best recommended to do at least one of these projects to add it to your resume. If you feel you lack skills, go for an online Data Analytics course from edtech websites, where you will get complete training to work on them. These courses will give wings to your aspirations of a successful career ahead.