SSM Training Is Advantageous- This Is How

Through a SAFeⓇ SSM training program, the enrolled trainees will learn how to function as expert individuals with high-performing Scrum Masters (SSMs), who bring about change as agents who lead organizations through Lean-Agile transformation.

Certification in SAFe Scrum Master is an intermediate course of two days that intends to and confirms to train participants to serve as change agents who would guide multiple levels within the businesses and organizations to achieve Lean-Agile transformation at scale through training and coaching. 

What Does the SAFe Agilist Assessment Entail?

A successful SAFe Agilist assessment indicates that you are capable of leading a SAFe transformation, which makes completing the training insufficient. Scaled Agile provides thorough and exhaustive training materials for each of its courses as well as a high bar for the assessment. It is crucial to find a trainer who has experience in implementing SAFe and a clear ability to explain the concepts in order to demonstrate your understanding of SAFe and clear your assessment.  In addition to attending the training, you should download the study guide provided on the scaled agile framework platform and read through the suggested reading, almost everything of which is available on the website.

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About the Course

The Scaled Agile Framework SSM assessment is offered as part of the SAFe SSM training course, where you will have to take the exam in online mode. A SAFe SSM assessment is required to become SAFe SSM certified. For anyone who wishes to become a SAFe Scrum Master, SSM training is highly important and recommended. This training would give you the basics and techniques of a Scrum Master. It would also help you in your future opportunities in the framework of Scrum.

In addition to the registration fee for the SAFe SSM course, the SSM exam is included as a part and package of the initial attempt within 30 days of completing the course. In case you take the exam and fail to score the passing marks in it, you might attempt for a retake of the exam. Retake attempts payable, too. The SSM retake exam will cost $50 each.

Many say that the SSM exam can be quite difficult and challenging to some extent. As challenging as the exam may be, the SAFe Scrum Master certification tests your ability to understand the principles of the Scaled Agile Framework. By taking and in turn passing this exam, you can acquire this understanding during the SAFe Scrum Master training course.

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There are 45 multiple-choice questions in the online SAFe SSM exam, which must be completed within 90 minutes (1.5 hours). To pass, a candidate must answer 75% of the questions in one sitting. After taking the SAFe Scrum Master course, trainees can take the practice test in the SAFe Community Platform before applying for the actual exam. This is included in the Learning Plan. The practice test may be taken as many times as necessary free of charge. The test does not really guarantee the actual success on the final exam, but it can be used to gauge your knowledge and give you an extra ounce of confidence in preparation for the test.