The Do’s and Don’ts Of Commenting on a Girl’s Picture on Instagram

Wise men say manners maketh the gram – both for the one who posts pictures and the one who comments on them! So, if you see a beautiful girl posting a picture on Instagram and feel the urge to comment on it, follow these Do’s and Don’ts to avoid embarrassment and earn respect.

The 5 Do’s:

Do Be Kind and Courteous

Keep your comments respectful. Even if you are using a virtual platform to speak your mind, you should remember that the person you are about to interact with exists for real and that your comments are public. Treat this as an opportunity to engage and nurture a bond with her. Avoid saying anything that might trigger negativity and bitterness. Give respect to earn respect.

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Do Be Original

Originality attracts, and fakeness repels. If the person is genuine and a pure soul, she will like the real you. While it might not be easy to establish your authenticity right away, an original comment might earn you her attention. Do not pass up on this opportunity. Of course, you can draw inspiration from other comments for girls’ pictures on Instagram, but make sure to add your own twist.

Do Point Out What No One Is Talking About

When a beautiful girl posts a picture on Instagram, she definitely wants to be complimented. But, don’t take the usual route and post a ‘nice,’ ‘beautiful,’ or ‘sweet.’ You’ll eventually lose yourself in the crowd, and she wouldn’t even bat an eye. Don’t say anything about her physical appearance. Instead, speak about her clothes, jewelry, or surroundings.

Do Watch Your Grammar

You don’t want to blow your chances with a hot girl by posting comments filled with typos and grammatical errors, do you? If you aren’t too confident about the comment you are about to post, run it through an online grammar checker and fix all errors before you post it.

Do Respond If She Replies

If the beauty you have your eye on replies to your comment on Instagram, congratulations! The ice has been broken! Do not miss this opportunity to reply back. Hold the conversation like a pro until you can slide into her DM. Thereon, it’s plain sailing.

The 5 Don’ts:

Don’t Be Rude and Crude

Rudeness is toxic. No beautiful girl with a class will like it if you publicly pass rude, disrespectful comments on her Instagram pictures. She has posted them for people to appreciate. Don’t trigger a perpetual cycle of negativity and hatred with obnoxious comments.

Don’t Be Cheesy

Corny, lame comments can only take you so far. Even if you post them with absolute sincerity, they will come across as dumb and embarrassing. A beauty with brains is highly unlikely to hold you in high regard if you keep on posting cheesy stuff on her Insta handle. Remember that you can’t change the girl, so you will have to end up changing the girl. Why risk it?

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Don’t Be Boring

Writing long comments that make no sense might get you borezoned. Well, that isn’t really a word, but we made it up to define anyone who gets sidelined because they are super boring. The girl will see you as uninteresting and someone devoid of a sense of humor. You don’t want to present yourself as that guy, do you?

Don’t State the Obvious

If it’s a beautiful girl posting her pictures on Instagram, the most obvious comment would be “You’re so beautiful!.” Dude, she has probably heard it a gazillion times! Say no to creepy pick-up lines and tell her something new.

Compliment her on her mind, or how beautiful she might look in a certain color. Study her entire appearance and focus on the nuances. Maybe she has great-looking fingers or feet; maybe she has dimples or thick eyebrows. Those are the details you shouldn’t miss. 

Don’t Give Up, But Don’t Be a Creep

Last but not the least, don’t give up simply because your Instagram beauty didn’t reply to your comment. Persistence is the key, of course, minus creepiness.

Follow these rules of etiquette and you will never go wrong while commenting on a girl’s pics on Insta.