Tips to study in a good way 

Studying effectively is not something everyone does nowadays, students don’t even understand how they need to study for their exams. Students should use their creative mind to find out amazing ways to study and improve their academic performance.

It can be comforting to find fellow students struggling to understand the process. But joining or starting a study group is about teamwork, not because the unfortunate likes the company. It is guaranteed that someone in your study group can help you with the specific task you are struggling with and that you can do the same.

Helping each other succeed! Rewriting lecture notes will be one of the best and most practical teaching methods. Rewriting will help you remember the context better, and rewriting it into a nice outline will help you understand the lesson. Science is always fiddling with nature, but in this case, it’s just studying the effects of essential oils and plants on concentration, attention, and memory.

While some studies have found that lavender is good for memory, other studies have shown that the effect is negligible, and in fact, lavender oil and tea are used to relax the body before bedtime. So, while lavender can calm and focus, sandalwood and frankincense (also known as Boswellia) have shown much more promising results in most studies. Education app should be used to understand complex topics. 

In general, plants have a natural sedative effect, and where plants are present, people tend to have higher pain tolerance and recover faster from hospitalisation. Music also improves brain function, aids concentration, and relieves pain. Learn more about the benefits of learning music. 

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Well-organised lecture notes come into play here. Always allow time for a final review. This is the method most students use as a study habit. This is simply impossible given the amount of work you have to do in college, but it can only work as a final review if you have a good note! Science notes should include flowcharts and proper diagrams. 

Moreover, if you can combine reviewing notes with a good night’s sleep,  your ability to retain more information will be greatly improved. Be aware that studying while sleepy won’t work. If you say you are tired, take a nap or go to bed early. A good night’s sleep is another way to help you understand and remember information better.

When you are stressed or tired, think about your training schedule and priorities. Make time for relaxation and de-stress. Thinking about the learning style that works best for you will help you decide how you learn, where you learn, when to learn, what study guides you need to use and remember, and other important factors such as knowledge that may be distracting you.

 If you can’t condense all your study time into a few days, it’s time to try something new and less stressful. What you do every day is more important than what you do occasionally, so take time each day to study, with or without exams. Consistency is important, and once you start developing good study habits,  make them a habit you can maintain throughout the school year.

When it becomes part of your schedule, you spend time in class every month without having to look for time. Also, don’t forget to check your schedule for the week or month, and take into account your commitments: household chores, essential activities, and dates. All you need to do now is stick with your new curriculum.

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Prioritise your studies and book these sessions into your peak hours to make them even more effective. Some people are most productive in the morning and others at night. Try this and don’t assume that because you wake up early, you should study early, but try studying in the morning, afternoon, and evening to see which way is best. Before you start your study session, make a game plan for exactly how you will learn.

Think about what you will learn, how much time you will spend on each topic, and what learning methods you will use. Don’t just wander through your study session without any thought. If you don’t create a game plan, you’ll find yourself wandering from one thing to another without making much progress. You may spend too much time on one topic and not enough time on another. Creating a plan of studying allows you to focus on the topics throughout your study, and it allows you to study the right materials at the right time.