Why there is a need for more environmental protection?

In today’s era, we are all surrounded by growing degradation of the environment. Parks are depleting, ice caps are melting, animals are becoming extinct. The number of trees is growing less and less in number.

There is a growing need for parks and recreational areas around the world. With the air pollution growing year after year, we have an urgent need for more trees and plants, to clean and purify the air. Natural air is going to make our life better and longer. This is why parks are very important for our well-being.

 Parks and protected lands are needed to improve the water quality. It also protects groundwater that helps in the prevention of floods. It also improves the air quality. It acts as a protective buffer to development. It is therefore important to protect the natural habitat for wildlife and provide areas for children to join with nature and have fun outdoors.

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There is a advancing need to protect the environment. Environmental awareness should be made possible as soon as possible. Environmental awareness means can be defined as awareness about the environment. It promotes the well-being of people. It is also the idea that the earth needs protection and it is we who should protect the Earth.

There are several ways environmental awareness can be spread. We all should come together to make it a possible or plausible thing.

Spreading awareness through online platforms or social media

Social media has become an irreversible part of our life. With the advancement in science and technology, we can take certain steps to spread awareness about the environment locally and globally. Therefore social media can be used as a way to promote awareness about various environmental issues. The importance of environmental education is needed on social media to start the interaction between environmental teachers, students, and common people. 

People use social media these days to support environmental movements and to connect people across the globe regarding environmental issues. It also provides the ordinary people means to check the quality of the air, water, and then transfer this data with others.

Certain mobile teacher apps can be used to spread awareness among individuals. Spreading awareness or making use of online teaching is needed to spread awareness. This can prove to be a massive game-changer and can help protect the environment by taking steps in the right direction.

Using Culture to Spread Awareness

It is important to conceptualize climate change and read about it in books and movies. The changes in the environment affect us in ways that we immediately see, hear or feel. One can try recommending media that help their friends and family learn about climate change more easily.

There are several magazines and books that one can read to spread awareness about climate change. Reading is a great option to help people around the world to challenge their thinking and learn from other people. We can encourage the children to read about nature and wildlife or start a book club in which they read the latest non-fiction books on climate and the environment. Reading more will help them all understand more about the world and the changes that are taking place. 

One can watch films about nature and wildlife. This will help people become emotionally attached to the problems of the world and get better by them. 


Environmental protection is one of the basic needs for the overall development of our country or any country in the world. Economic growth and development can become established, only after taking care of the environment. One must take care of biodiversity and protect the natural habitat of animals and plants. 

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The first step to take is to study the changes. This is going to be life-changing for us all. The world has to be protected for us to live a better and healthier life. There has been growing awareness about the changes on social media. This is already a good step. The way schools and colleges have come together to spread awareness is also a step to better the world. 

The environment is the reason we are all alive today. This is why we all should take care of it responsibly.