Top Tips for Achieving Some of the Toughest Goals in Life Quickly and Efficiently

Everyone has their own life goals tailored to their experiences, but there are a few that many people converge on. It could be because of a standard line of thinking, or the sense of fulfilment for achieving such a feat is very well known. Regardless, most life goals force you to endure a long stretch of learning, development, and effort.

Most of these tough life goals, arel about organisation, having a plan, and committing to that plan. Depending on your personality and drive, the key is making a habit out of your new activity. It takes some ten weeks on average as, after that, everything becomes a lot more streamlined. With that in mind, here are some more goal-specific top tips for achieving popular life goals.

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Learn a new language

Before cracking open a language-learning dictionary, it’s best to read up on how to learn Spanish, or whichever language you want to pursue – Spanish tends to be the most popular among native English speakers. If you read enough and construct sentences, you will eventually pick up the language, but there’s a far more effective ten-step process to achieving this goal.

It’s one of the most common bucket list items, but learning a language certainly isn’t easy. One of the most direct ways to learn is to consider a significant lifestyle change and move to a Spanish-speaking country. Of course, such a leap isn’t for everyone, so reading a lot and conversing with a native tutor are the next best steps, followed by memorising 2,000 keywords.

From there, you refine your core understanding, getting used to specific turns of phrase, how to speak more conversationally, and how grammar works in the new language. Eventually, you’ll be able to do everything, from orderingmeals with Capers to being confident in conversations.

Get fit and healthy

The food that we eat makes a huge difference to our health, with even a decision between Chinese dishes being key. Still, the best way to get fit and healthy is to combine a healthy diet with exercise. You have one side giving you just enough energy that you need without adding to your body’s natural storage, while the other enhances your cardiovascular system, builds muscle, and burns away the excess storage.

For most, exercise is the most difficult part as you need to motivate yourself to do it, with the best motivation being your progress. The only problem is that visible progress does take a fair bit of time. To help speed this up, ditch the idea that cardio is the quickest way to cut weight. This Time article explains that strength training is also important as it increases your metabolism, while cardio slows it down over time.

Writing a book

They say that everyone has a story in them, but getting that story to read coherently on paper and within your waking hours can be a huge undertaking. The key is to be clear within your mind and consistent in your action. The tutorial on MasterClass suggests creating a distinct writing space, narrowing in on your premise, creating an outline, and then doing copious amounts of research.


Once you’ve started writing and have a routine, you’ll encounter blocks. Regardless, stick with your time slots and focus on putting pen to paper, even if it doesn’t work out on that one occasion. You could also use other writing outlets to refine your writing skill in the meantime or to explore other ideas and topics, for which you can check out our Write For Us page.

Consistency and dedication are key to each of these three life goal pursuits, but there are always ways to refine and structure the approach in a way that makes the process far more efficient.