UiPath v/s Blue Prism v/s Automation Anywhere. 

RPA is transforming each industry where it’s being used. Organizations and businesses for many years have been slowed down due to increasing tasks that are repetitive, redundant, and manually intensive. What essentially RPA has done is that it has taken all these tasks and automated them by mimicking human interactions with different tools and interfaces to help professionals with more time for creative and productive work that will help in driving the growth of the business. 

Here in this blog, we will be discussing the differences between UiPath, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere to help you get a more in-depth understanding of these tools. Have a look at this UiPath Certification course to help you get better at UiPath.

We will be comparing these three tools based on certain aspects below: 


UiPath is based on visual design and offers a faster implementation. 

Automation Anywhere is good for the basic developer. 

Fundamental skills in programming will help you in running Blue Prism

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Software Bots:

UiPath deploy bots for both front-office as well as back-office automation. 

Automation Anywhere also deploys RPA bots for both back-office and front-office automation. 

Whereas Blue Prism uses RPA bots only for back-office automation. 


UiPath is used for BPO automation. It’s perfect in Citrix Automation. 

Automation Anywhere achieves good efficiency across all mediums. 

Blue Prism is good for Desktop, Web, and Citrix Automation alike. 

Cognitive Capability:

UiPath has a medium level of cognitive capability. 

Automation Anywhere possesses a medium-level cognitive capability. 

Blue Prism has the lowest level of cognitive capability when compared to the other two. 


UiPath has both browser and mobile access. 

Automation Anywhere has only an application-based entrance.

Likewise, Blue Prism has only an application-based entrance. 


UiPath has recorders, plus recorded actions can be modified. Learn UiPath Tutorial to master UiPath from scratch. 

Automation Anywhere also has a recorder, and the recorded actions could be modified. 

Whereas Blue Prism doesn’t have any recorder

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UiPath is a web-based orchestrator tool. 

Both Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism have client-server architecture. 


UiPath is based on numerous technologies like elastic search, SharePoint, etc. 

Automation Anywhere is based on Microsoft technologies.

While Blue Prism is based on C-Sharp. 

Operational Scalability:

UiPath frequently crashes or fails in medium projects.

Automation Anywhere offers limited deployment in a large-scale robot deployment. 

Blue Prism is good for operational scalability, and even the execution speed is very high. 

Process Designer:

Both UiPath and Blue Prism have a visual process designer. 

Automation Anywhere has a script-based designer.


UiPath has a moderate amount of reliability.

Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism has very high reliability.


UiPath has entry-level pricing. 

Automation Anywhere has a higher cost of deployment. 

Blue Prism whereas has a high acquisition cost. 


All the three tools UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism, have online training and certifications. 


UiPath doesn’t need any programming knowledge.

Likewise, Automation Anywhere also doesn’t require any programming knowledge.

Users of Blue Prism can use it without any coding or programming knowledge, but it allows users to write codes. 

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