Time Management For Better Fleet Managers

Fleet managers are the heart of the business if vehicles are the backbone. 

They are the ones who manage everything at the ground level, so they can achieve results in the best possible manner. 

These managers don’t work a 9-5 job, but due to the cell phones, Internet and feature-rich time management software, keep an eye on their fleets 24*7. It is difficult and impossible to do effectively without proper time management.

To aid them and make their work easier and smarter, fleet maintenance software is available in the market. 

These systems include dash cam with GPS, fuel management system, vehicle tracking system, driver tracking, etc. But even with these, the managers need to multitask, juggling between regular ones and the most important ones, while attending the meetings, communicating to the top level and the ground level, and managing accuracy in delivering the results. 

This article is all about time management and fleet managers and how these hardworking employees can manage their work by scheduling every task

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Improving Time Management

These are the ways to manage your time efficiently and achieve the best results.

Prioritize Your Tasks

There are always some tasks that are more important than others, while there are regular ones that are essential to do, and then there are those that pop up uninvited and jumble the schedule. 

So, after entering the office, a manager’s first job is to prioritize the day’s tasks into the most important ones and others which can be done later. Then work on them based on their importance.

Digitize Manual Tasks

Traditional managers spent most of their time creating reports for top managers. It was a bottleneck and, owing to the technology, digitized to some extent. 

Managers must see that if a task can be digitized, then it must be. 

Why spend your time doing time-consuming tasks when you can attend to more crucial matters? 

Fleet management software creates reports regularly, which saves a lot of time. Managers can make instant decisions by analyzing the actual data. 


While most managers don’t have staff under them, don’t be shy to delegate your task if you have any. You can’ do everything on your own. 

You can always hand over the simple tasks to your team while you can focus on more important matters. 

You don’t need to see a matter personally about a car’s failed part or a driver’s unimportant complaint. 

Keep A Schedule

Many managers don’t take it seriously, but a schedule includes the daily tasks that the manager must do. 

You must enter all your important meetings or calls on this schedule and follow it religiously. Why? So that you don’t forget an important meeting or to forward an important report. 

You can maintain a diary or a digital schedule to remind you.

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Do It Now

If a matter is urgent, then address it then and there. Maybe it is a complicated or a difficult task, it has to be done some time, so why not do it now? Don’t put it off. 

Once you start putting them off, the list only gets bigger and bigger. 

When the task is to answer an unpleasant question, think about it carefully and frame your answer, but answer it in due time.

Think Ahead

A manager must always think about making the processes better and how to make operations run more smoothly and efficiently. 

If you are facing a problem more often, think about the potential solutions and what is its root cause. How it can turn into a bigger one and what you can do to avoid it. 

These are the things that a manager must think about to save time when facing a problem.

Use Technology

It is the best tool available to avengers these days. They can assign the day’s work to the drivers and determine their routes once in the morning. 

Route Optimization software helps managers specify the shortest possible route which increases efficiency and saves fuel. They can use Geo-fencing to restrict the drivers from roaming around the city while on duty and send an alert in case the boundary is crossed.

They can use a fuel management system to download real-time reports and assess fuel consumption to make decisions. 

Vehicle tracking software assigns an urgent delivery or task by tracking the vehicle in the nearby area. These are only a few examples of fleet management software apps that come in handy for managers and save their time.

Final Words

Time is always scarce, and one has to learn to use it wisely to achieve results. 

Fleet managers are required to manage their top managers, communicate with both the top level and drivers, forward reports, communicate policies, implement plans, settle issues, etc. Without time management, it is not possible to achieve the target. Thus, use fleet management software and make your life easy.

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