Best low budget fast food franchise opportunities in India

Do you want an easy way to become an entrepreneur? Have you been going online researching things like KFC franchise cost in India but getting disappointed by the high process? Well, buying a franchise might be the right decision for you and don’t worry there are plenty of low budget high gain opportunities. But the first thing that you need to do is find a business or chain of stores that interests you and gives you a sense of confidence in investing. As a new entrepreneur, you have many challenges to face before your business start-up gains a stable foothold in the market. One of the biggest challenges of starting a business is finding the right franchise opportunity that best suits your interests and can also generate sustainable revenue. So as an investor in a franchise business you will have to keep in mind the overall business features such as location, investment, operating cost, return on investment

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Foods are popular and they will always be popular especially in India where we have so many festivals and big families. Hence it goes without saying that of all the different types of franchise opportunities, the ones related to food have the maximum potential for profit. So here we make a list of some of the  best fast food franchise opportunities that you can get into with a minimum budget.

  • Subway    

Sandwich shop, the subway is one of the most popular food chains in India. And because of its popularity and promising success rate, it is a good choice to start your business as a Subway franchisee. Though there are more than 600 outlets in India, you have a great chance to establish your business at places that have not yet been covered by this chain.   

Subway requires an initial investment of 20-30 Lakhs and monthly rent, as well as other expenses, will be additional investments. The company provides training and marketing support to all its franchisees and makes sure that

  • Dominos

This is one of the largest franchises you can get if you want to start a pizza delivery service. Their concept of delivering pizza in 30 minutes or less is widely popular in India and their popularity has led to more than 500+ domino pizza outlets all over the country. Since Pizza is so popular all over India it is an ideal choice for you if you want to earn good profits. The domino franchise cost in India is about Rs. 30 lakhs.  Additionally, once you sign the contract you will also get training on how to operate your business for maximum profits.

  • McDonald’s

 McDonald’s is one of the favourite food items for young people as well as others all over the world. It offers burgers, wraps and other snacks including vegetarian items in its menu that are served hygienically and at affordable prices earning it immense popularity with customers. You can also be one of the franchisees of McDonald’s if you have an area of 300 sqft to 400 sqft and invest Rs 15 lakh to Rs 20 lakh.

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  • Café Coffee Day 

This is one of the largest retail chains for coffee shops in India which has around 1200 outlets open all over India. It is a great franchise opportunity for you as it is not so expensive to open its outlet requiring an investment capacity of 10 to 15 lakhs with only 1 staff member. The minimum space requirement for setting up this business is 250 sqft which can be used as a shop, office


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